Joel LaFollette from the Royal Treatment Fly Shop is here to share the story of creating a great fly shop after his tenure at Kaufmann’s Streamborn.  We find out why Joel is so fascinated with big fish and where he’s heading next.


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Destination Travel Show Notes with [guest name]

05:54 – Joel worked at Kaufmann’s Streamborn for about 10 years.

06:45 – Buffalo Creek Outfitters was the first store that Joel worked at.

12:20 – Larry Dahlberg was on the podcast in episode 241 here.  Larry talked about the big fish he focused on over the years through his TV shows.

13:45 – Conway Bowman has been a good connection for Joel lately

18:20 – Los Roques Venezuela is Joel’s favorite destination.  Here’s a video that describes the area:


20:00 – Jako Lucas was on the podcast in episode 68 and shared one of the great destinations on the podcast here.  

33:30 – Scott and the Meridian for Salt and Sector.  Winston and Joel bleeds green.  The Winston LT.  Sam Drucker was their designer

34:50 – Nautilus and Bauer reels.  Bauer RX is great for salt.

37:20 – The Flats pro by RIO is great for salt and GT”s.  Here’s Simon to explain a little further:



40:30 – We noted John Hazel at the Deschutes Anglers.  John was from kaufmann’s as well as other big names in fly fishing around the west.

41:10 – George Cook was on the podcast in episode 131 to describe the history of NW Spey.

42:20 – Jack Dennis was on the podcast here and shared his vast history in fly fishing.

56:47 Pogo



You can find Joel at

@flytyer27 on instagram.


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Fly Fishing Destination Travel Resources 

Winston Air Series Salt Water Rods


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Fly Fishing Destination Travel Videos 

GT’s at Christmas Island via Reds Fly Shop



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Fly Fishing Destination Travel Conclusion 

Joel Lafollette is on the podcast to describe some of the great fly fishing destinations around the world.  What is the one bucket list destination where you have to go before you die?

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  1. Dave,
    Thanks for having me on the Podcast! I hope your listeners come away with some inspiration to get out and go fishing! The cool thing about living in the Great Northwest is we can fly fish all year, so there is no need to hang up your waders. Just grab your gear and start the next adventure. I hope to see you on the water!