I sat down with one of the biggest living influencers in fly fishing.  Jack Dennis tells the story of Curt Gowdy, Ted Williams, Arnold Palmer, and many other stories of his famous friends from a life in fly fishing.

Jack is a talker in a good way and sheds some fly fishing history and many of the biggest companies and influencers he’s connected with over the years.  We get some insight that we haven’t heard on this podcast yet including what it takes to make fishing your business.


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jack dennis

Show Notes with Jack Dennis

07:00 – Jeff Currier was on the podcast in episode 65 here and was the guy who ran Jack’s shop for 27 years.

07:19 – Curt Gowdy was a huge mentor for Jack and the host of the American Sportsman.

09:40 – The One Fly tournament.   Lee Wulff choosing the Royal Humpy, Jack’s big fly pattern.

royal wulff
photo via: http://riverswildflies.com/humpy-royal/


10:35 – Mike Lawson was a huge influence for Jack and was on our podcast in episode 190 here.

15:40 – 9 basketball championships with John Wooden

21:30 – Jack’s first book was the Jack Dennis Western Fly Tying Manual is one of the best selling fly tying books in history


24:00 – Kauffmans book on Tying Nymphs was another great one.



26:50 – The Gary Borger had a number of great videos back in the day.  Jack talks about shooting the fly tyer from behind the fly.

27:45 – Caddisflies book by Gary LaFontaine is one of the greats.

29:00 – Gary Borger was on the podcast in episode 45 here.  Gary is one of the big teachers and right up there with Jack and the other big names.

30:40 – Spring Creeks by Mike Lawson and the story of how Gary Lafontaine helped Mike put it together.

spring creeks

33:00 John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47 and talked about his life there.

36:00 – Sage is owned by the Green family who owns the seahawks, Bill Ford owns Scott, T and T owned by wealthy, TFO from Texan.

43:00 – 1986 the Jackson Hole One fly tournament started.

1:1:30 – Hunter Biden on Mark Maron


You can find Jack on Facebook here.

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Top Fly Fishing Books Noted from Jack Dennis

  1. Western Trout Fly Tying manual
  2. Mike Lawson’s Spring Creeks
  3. Caddisflies
  4. Kauffman’s nymphing
  5. Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends


Resources Noted in the Show

Western Trout Fly Tying Manual

jack dennis western trout


Tips from the Travelling Fisherman

jack dennis


Videos Noted in the Show

Monster Lake with Phil Rowley


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jack dennis


Conclusion with Jack Dennis

Jack Dennis brings some of the great fly fishing stories to the podcast today as we hear about his connection with Waylon Jennings, Ted Williams, Norman Maclaain and many others.