Dave Zielinkski, the man behind Down Home Boatworks is here to share is wooden drift boat story and some of the must have drift boat accessories you should be focusing on when putting together a driftboat.

We get nerdy on the Grand Canyon and then dig into this amazing hatch of cicada’s and some tips on finding them.  Plenty of amazing drift boat stories from an amazing boat builder from the east coast.


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down home boatworks

Show Notes – Down Home Boatworks

3:00 – Roger Fletcher was on the podcast on episode WFS 177 (Drift Boat Series)

3:05 – Dave Z took the picture that was used for the WFS 177 cover photo. That boat was built by Ray Heater from Ray’s River Dories.

3:50 – Ray Heater was also on the podcast at WFS 197 

4:10 – Marty was on the show at WFS 076 – he came down with a double-ender aluminum boat

marty sheppard
photo via: https://fly-fishing-guide-oregon.com/rivers/deschutes-river/deschutes-river-steelhead-fishing-trip/

6:20 – The 14 footer Drift Pram is Dave’s most popular boat

Down Home Boatworks

10:00 – Rob Grubb from AirWaterArt decked out a 16-foot double-ender with a transom around the Grand Canyon

32:20 – Derek with Sawyer oars was on the podcast in episode 185 to describe some tips on choosing drift boar oars.


41:12 – Jason Cajune makes exceptional boats and was on the podcast here.

cajune boats
photo via: http://www.cajuneboats.com/index#/used/


41:50 – Brad Dimock is the grand canyon guy

42:00 – Jayson Hayes makes custom wooden boats and is now building the boats for Helfrich.

43:50 – Bobby and RMR and Koffler podcast episodes.

51:27 – Roger built the Trapper boat

photo via: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/540150549047784093/


54:50 The Pennsylvania Drifter is one of Dave’s favorite boat

Down Home Boatworks

54:00 The Solo Slider was designed for Dave’s daughter

Down Home Boatworks

55:35 The River Whip is a giant sled-like boat

Down Home Boatworks

57:49 Dave Z was on the Remote No Pressure Podcast

57:58 Periodical Cicadas called Brood V appeared in Western Pennsylvania in 2016


You can find guest Dave at DownHomeBoatworks.com

down home boatworks



Down Home Boatworks Resources Noted 

Drift Boats & River Dories by Roger Fletcher


The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko

Down Home Boatworks Cicada Videos Noted in the Show

Kelly Neu on a driftwood build


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Down Home Boatworks Conclusion with Dave Zielinski

Dave Zielinski with Down Home Boatworks is on the podcast to share the steps to understanding how to build a drift boat and some great stories on the people and history of drift boats.

Have you ever thought about building a drift boat?  Leave a comment below or send a DM on Instagram.