WFS 189 – How to Rank Your Blog Post to #1 (Outdoors...

WFS 189 – How to Rank Your Blog Post to #1 (Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast Podcast)


Stepping out of the Fly Fishing comfort zone as I indulge in promoting my other podcasting baby.  I share a great podcast episode from my other show, the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast.

If you have a business or are interested in blogging, then this one if for you.  If you are not then you might want to pass on this one.  Each episode we try to focus on serving a fly fishing brand so it’s always a lot of fun.

Click below and listen to the Blog Post Podcast with Mike Alton:

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Show Notes with Mike Alton

(You can find the full blog post at

01:20 – was Mike’s first blog that resonated with an audience online.

06:45 – JLD was on the podcast in episode 4 here and talked about how you know you’re in the right niche.

08:25 – Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush are tools that help with analytics for your blog.

10:10 – Mike’s blogging planner to help organize your content.

16:00 – Mike has a blogging boot camp where he teaches blogging.


You can Mike at


mike alton

Quote:“Nobody is Born Being a Good Writer.”



Conclusion with Mike Alton

Mike Alton talks about how to become a better blogger and how to prepare for producing a great blog post.He shares the 5 Paragraph framework that will help you understand blogging.  Tons of great content to up your game this week with the Blog father himself.