I show you how to tie a Chromie in todays fly tying video.  The Chromie is an awesome chironomid pattern developed by Phil Rowley and utilizes red ribbing to simulate hemoglobin as the bug moves through the water.

Click here to watch the Chromie video:


Chromie Fly Material List

Thread:  Size 70 Ultra Thread black

Hook:  Umpqua U202 size #10

butt:  Red brassie wire size medium

Body:  Silver Flashabou

Rib:  Red brassie wire size medium

Thorax (collar):  Peacock

Bead:  1/8″ Tungsten bead black

Gills:  Senyo’s Lazer dub white


I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil recently to talk about all things stillwater and fly tying.  Click here to watch the interview with Phil ==>> Interview with Phil Rowley

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