Do you know your fly rod history in the last 100 years?  Yeah, I didn’t either.  But I listened to a great podcast recently and wanted to share that with you.

In this episode of Anchored with April Vokey you can here the history from Gary Loomis’ perspective

There are a bunch of great stories on fly rods and how graphite came to be.

Did you know Gary patented the ferrule?  Yeah, pretty cool stuff.

Here’s the link to the episode:

Gary Loomis – Life on the edge


I will follow up with you on the history of the fly rod in a later blog post but wanted to get this out there so you can have a nice listen on your way into work.

In this episode Gary talks about how Fenwick was the big company in the 70’s and first came out with the fly rod of the future.

fly rod history

He also talks about how he came up with some new inventions and ideas during is days at Lamiglas.

My first steelhead rod was a Lamiglas which I still have.

If you want to dig into the history of fly rods a little more take a read of the article below on fly fishing and rods after the war.

Fly Fishing History Post War Era


fly rod history
Freebridge on the Deschutes River


I hope you have a chance to listen to the episode above with Gary Loomis and that you get as much enjoyment out of it as me.

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