In this episode, learn about Backcountry Skinz with Kelly Reaume!

Show Notes with Kelly Reaume – Backcountry Skinz. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters – Backcountry Skinz

(0:00:05) – Exploring Fly Fishing in Western Canada
Mike and Kelly share their fly fishing experiences in Calgary and BC, discussing the rivers, mountains, bull trout, and alpine lakes.

(0:07:53) – Neoprene Leggings for Fishing
Mike and Kelly created neoprene compression pants for fishermen, using wedding money for the first prototypes, with benefits such as extra warmth and easy packing.

(0:15:26) – Discussion on Fishing Shorts and Designs
Neoprene compression pants offer lightweight protection, UV ray protection, comfort, and compression support for knee issues.

backcountry skinz

(0:21:49) – Expanding Fishing Brand in Canada
Mike and Kelly discuss saltwater fly fishing, international outreach, Canada/US differences, neoprene compression pants, and content creation.

(0:31:13) – Fishing for Bull Trout
Mike and Kelly suggest using small nymphs to catch bull trout in Alberta’s headwaters in July and August, and Kokani in November and December, with a technique of casting upstream and downstream.

backcountry skinz

(0:40:47) – Fly Fishing Industry Marketing Strategies
Mike and Kelly share their passion for music, discussing genres, setting the tone for fly fishing, and tips for Alberta.

(0:45:42) – Joe Rogan, Fishing, and Waterproofing
Joe Rogan’s podcast discusses Back Country Skins’ new products, fly fishing tips, and favorite music.

(0:50:43) – Floating and Fishing With Backcountry Skins
Mike and Kelly share tips on catching bull trout, discuss neoprene compression pants for fly fishing, and explore Joe Rogan’s podcast and ‘Back Country Skins’ business.

backcountry skinz

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backcountry skinz

Conclusion with Kelly Reaume – Backcountry Skinz

In this episode, learn about Backcountry Skinz with Kelly Reaume!