We cover Atlantic salmon and Newfoundland with Colin Mckeown who produces one of the most prolific fly fishing shows in the world – The New FlyFisher.

We get into a bunch of tips for A. salmon, find out what’s next for the New Fly Fisher and what hooking an atlantic salmon feels like.  Colin talks about how he has built a 50k following on youtube and why he does what he does.


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Show Notes with Colin Mckeown

02:40 – The Tom Rosenbauer episode was my path in connecting with Colin.

07:50 – The Linders Fishing Show – The Angling Edge  was noted when Colin talked about video production.

09:20 – The New Fly Fisher youtube channel is one of the biggest in fly fishing.

11:10 – Basics of nymph fishing is a good example of how they teach on the show.

21:00 – The domestic geek was noted in the show as a mentor for Colin and his youtube channel.

25:10 – Todd Moen has one of the biggest youtube channels.  Here’s a classic trailer that will get you pumped.

27:10 – Seth Kugel was on the podcast to provide some frugal traveling tips.  Seth was the New York Times Frugal Traveler columnist.

45:50 – Here are two great New Fly Fisher videos:  The Hunt River and Lewis River Shows

46:50 – The Riffle hitch video which includes a nice animation.

56:40 – The Blue Charm and the Silver Tip plus the Green Highlander are three flies that work all of the time.  A Brown Bomber with an orange hackle is the goto dry fly.


58:00 – Simon Gawesworth was on the podcast in episode 9.

1:01:30 – The underwater world of trout is one video that blew up that was super basic.

1:29:00 – Newfoundland/Labrador tourism has a great resource on traveling.

1:38:10 – Joe Humphries was on the podcast here  and broke down is life in fly fishing.

1:38:50 – The Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions, Rush plus Dazed in Confused along with Johan Julius Christian Sibelius.

1:40:30 – The Jensens youtube channel is another channel that Colin is working with.

1:40:50 – Squaretail is a new book that we discuss that is a brook trout guide in Maine.

1:41:30 – The Atlantic Salmon Journal is a great resource to find out where to go and what’s new.


You can see all of Colin’s videos on youtube at the New Fly Fisher here.


Videos Noted in the Show

The Hunt River Show and Dry Flies for Atlantic Salmon:


How to Tie a Riffle Hitch


The Lewis River for atlantic salmon on dries:


Music Noted in the Show

The Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions


Johan Julius Christian Sibelius


Resources Noted in the Show

How to Tie a Brown Bomber


The Underwater World of Trout


The Domestic Food Geek:

Conclusion with Colin Mckeown

Colin Mckeown from the New Fly Fisher goes deep on atlantic salmon fishing in Newfoundland along with what it takes to produce one of the great youtube channel.  We here why he likes to use a glove to handle fish and a few other interesting topics.

Was that enough for you?  Almost 2 hours of content and I know I could have gone another 2 hours.  Leave a comment of you like the 2 hour or if you like a 1 hour episode a little better.



  1. Great podcast with Colin, he did a great job at covering the basics of Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland. I live in Newfoundland so for anyone interested in making the journey there are two salmon fishing regulations he got wrong.
    First, double hooks are not allowed here anymore and haven’t been for a while. Second, all hooks must be barbless on salmon rivers.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the feedback Dan! This is great to hear. I’m guessing there are some other areas where the double hook is still allowed but maybe they’ll get here as well. Awesome to hear they are barbless there as well. Let me know if you have an idea for a more advanced A. salmon guest down the line.