Derek Roedel, founder of Reyr Gear shares the story of creating one of the most unique rods out there – a rod that is a combination of both the tenkara and traditional fly rod, but more portable than a traditional rod and more functional than a tenkara.

We find out how this telescoping fly rod makes most of your outdoor trip a fishing trip with its versatility and how it’s similar to a lightsaber.

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telescoping fly rod

Telescoping Fly Rod Show Notes with Derek Roedel

02:30 – Derek tells the story of when his father found a fiberglass fly rod on the side of the road

04:45 – Derek once enrolled in a casting clinic in San Francisco when he was a kid and later became an instructor for the younger kids

07:26 – The rod that Derek’s father found, Derek used it for 20+ more years – it was an 8 foot, 6 wt Boyd fiberglass rod

09:50 – Derek often visits Greece because of his wife but spends more of his days in California

12:55 – There’s trout fishing in Greece but not very popular

16:15 – We talk about the Reyr First Cast Fly Rod that’s like a lightsaber technique for opening


telescoping fly rod

19:00 – Their rod is mainly used for versatility – available to fish anywhere. Fits in any backpack and is quick to rig up.

21:40 – Reyr now has a Tenkara rod – this Tenkara has a line keeper so you can always leave your line

telescoping fly rod

23:50 – Their brand name Reyr means cane or pole in Islandic language

25:10 – Reyr rods don’t have the guides – the line goes inside the rod

27:35 – Derek had landed 30-inch pike with the First Cast 6wt

30:30 – Watch how easy it is to set up the First Cast Fly Rod – scroll down for the video

31:00 – If you break your Reyr rod, send Derek the picture and they’ll get you replacement parts – they have a lifetime warranty support

33:55 – Brandon Moon was recently on the podcast at WFS 308

38:55 – The usual customer will be able to use the built-in line for more or less 2 years, depending on how often they clean it

40:15 – The Collapsible Insa-Net

telescoping fly rodtelescoping fly rod

42:00 – Reyr is working on a new fishing footwear

48:55 – Derek worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years in a fast-paced prototyping and product development company before he started his own company

56:45 – Check out the video where Derek and his friend race to setup a traditional fly rod vs a First Cast fly rod – scroll down to watch the vid


You can Derek on Instagram @reyrgear

Website at

telescoping fly rod


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

telescoping fly rod

Telescoping Fly Rod Conclusion with Derek Roedel

So there you go..

If you’re someone who wants to get fishing right away.. or maybe a backpacker who want to get into fishing.. or even an avid fly fisherman who want to get into backpacking, this rod is perfect for you.

Their goal is for you to be able to concentrate on the fishing and good times.. not spend too much time on setup and storage. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can get on the water, make the first cast, and pack up instantly when you’re done. Literally like a lightsaber!