Lily Renzetti is here to tell you the entire Renzetti fly tying vise story and how they’ve been setting the standard for the past 50 years. We learn how it all began with an idea to make fly tying easier. We also look at some of their current ambassadors as well as some of the big names who are utilizing Renzetti across the country. We also learn why the traveler vise has been such a major changer throughout the years and continues to be a go-to vise. We also learn what’s next for Renzetti.

Renzetti Fly Tying Vise with Lily Renzetti. Hit play below!

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renzetti fly tying vise

Renzetti Fly Tying Vise Show Notes with Lily Renzetti

2:56 – Lily gives us a fascinating summary of how Renzetti was built. Her husband, Andy Renzetti, was working as a machinist at that time at a local shop in Romansville PA. With the help of his brother, they were able to design the Presentation 3000 which was the very first vise that was introduced by Renzetti and retailed by Orvis.

renzetti fly tying vise
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5:51 – In 1988, they introduced the Traveler series and Presentation 4000.

9:27 – It has been 50 years since they introduced the Presentation 3000. For her, it has been a beautiful journey not only building a business but also building relationships with their customers and other people in the industry.

14:37 – Before Renzetti, Andy was using the Thompson A vise back then. The HMH vises were also available at that time.

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15:23 – The true rotary concept was introduced by Renzetti.

17:17 – Lily tells us the current patents they have. They have also been designing and manufacturing rod-building equipment since the early ’80s.

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21:09 – I ask her what are the biggest difference she sees in the fly-tying market over the years since they started.

25:30 – She gives her opinion on other companies making vises that are similar to theirs.

28:40 – Currently, they have about 25 ambassadors which consist of legends such as Bob Popovics and Bob Clouser. Kelly Galloup is also one of them. He had him in the podcast in episodes 052 and 167.


32:15 – They find the best people to be their ambassadors regardless of their race and sexual orientation.

34:26 – Lily tells us about her journey to the US. She was born and raised in Venezuela and came to the US for college. She went to St. Joseph University in Philadelphia and took up a major in business and a minor in industrial relations. He got involved in the business with Andy in 1987.

renzetti fly tying vise
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40:06 – She is thankful to their team for consistently making everything happen and producing products that are up to the standards they set from the very beginning.

42:00 – Just this year, they introduced the Renzetti Tool Bar, Renzetti Tool Bar Station, and the Green Master Series Vise with extended crank arm, hinged stem, and streamer base. The last one won a prize at the ICAST as one of the best in the category.

renzetti fly tying vise
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46:58 – We talk about the purpose of the Bobbin Cradle.

54:05 – In buying your first vise, she recommends starting with their Traveler first. It holds the hook securely and offers true rotary features. They also have accessories that they designed for the Traveler which makes it versatile.

59:40 – She recommends subscribing to their YouTube channel @Renzetti to learn about their products and the true rotary concept.

1:01:07 – I ask her about retirement and their plans for the company. Andy has already retired, but he still goes to the office and trains their staff on the operations.

1:04:50 – She shares Andy’s favorite quote which goes “There is a better way. Find it.” and the inspiring story of how he persevered despite being underprivileged and having a learning disability growing up.

1:09:04 – She explains the qualities they look for in brand ambassadors.

1:11:53 – She brought the Casting for Recovery to Florida. They have also been supporting the Tunnel to Towers Foundation (T2T). They give to T2T for every vise they sell.

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You can find Lily on Instagram @renzettiinc and@rdflyfishing.

Facebook at Renzetti Inc

YouTube @Renzetti

Visit their website at

renzetti fly tying vise

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renzetti fly tying vise

Renzetti Fly Tying Vise with Lily Renzetti

Our chat with Lily Renzetti was an absolute pleasure. Hearing the inspiring story of how Andy Renzetti started the company was a true testament to the power of passion and perseverance. The Traveler Series vise is truly a work of art, and we were thrilled to learn more about its intricate design and superior functionality. And for all you fly tying enthusiasts out there, becoming a Renzetti brand ambassador is a fantastic opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sport. We hope you enjoyed listening to our conversation with Lily as much as we did!