David Lambroughton shares his unique career story of traveling, writing, photography, and fly fishing. He talks about his time fishing in New Zealand, both North and South, and what makes that place so special to him. We find out how to put together a DIY fishing trip to New Zealand with the best way to save expenses.

We also talk about how he makes those cool Dreams fly fishing calendars, some tips on making the fish bigger on a photo without hurting it, and a few techniques on striking the fish.

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fishing new zealand

Fly Fishing New Zealand Show Notes with David Lambroughton

07:30 – In 1971, David took a fly-tying lesson from Bob Quigley and they became friends. In 1976, as soon as David graduated from college, he joined Bob at Rick’s Lodge in Fall River, Northern California.

08:30 – David started guiding in Bristol Bay, Alaska. He even guided for Randall Kaufman in the Deschutes River. Then in 1980, David got married and went to New Zealand where he met Pat Barnes who was a frequent visitor there. Pat asked him to guide for him in West Yellowstone.

16:45 – David talks about his routine in New Zealand.

25:00 – Tip: When you go to New Zealand. Go with a buddy and split the cost of everything there. Hire a guide too.

28:00 – David describes the Rangitaiki River as one greatest trout rivers in the world.

fishing new zealand

33:00 – John Kent’s books are an excellent resource for trout fishing.

34:15 – David tells us the difference in fishing between the North Island and the South Island, New Zealand. He recommends the Tongariro River Motel in Turangi, North NZ.


41:00 – For about $100-120 a day, you can cover all your expenses in NZ, if you have someone to share the expenses with.

50:00 – We mentioned the song Luckenbach Texas by Willy and Waylon Jennings.

51:40 – Huey Lewis, who wrote The Heart of Rock & Roll, is David’s friend.

53:30 – David recommends the Cedar Lodge in South New Zealand if you have more budget. On the North side, he recommends Pornoi Station.

57:52 – You can get some of David’s fly fishing calendar by emailing him at davidlambroughton@telus.net and a few other fly shops.

fly fishing calendar fly fishing calendar

1:01:00 – David took a photography class in college at San Jose State.

1:03:44 – Charles Jardin is David’s friend. Charles was on the podcast in episode 221.

1:04:55 – We talk about what fishing looks like in New Zealand.

1:14:10 – The rubber spider pattern is David’s go-to fly.

1:17:20 – Tip: The best way to strike a fish is side-strike (David elaborates how)

1:20:00 – The average fish caught in the NZ stream is 4-pounds, 20-22 inches.

fishing new zealand

1:21:50 – There’s a fly shop in Methven. There’s Fishman’s Loft in Christchurch.

1:35:40 – David shares a tip on how to make the fish look bigger for a photo in a way that would not hurt the fish.

fishing new zealand

1:46:45 – We talk about John Randall and the fly fishing business

You can find David on Instagram at @davidlambroughton

fishing new zealand


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