In today’s episode, Destiny Egley reveals why Lava Hot Springs is an essential stop on any road trip. Discover the secrets behind their impressively low costs and also learn how and why they make the no-sulfur hot springs.

Be amazed by the hidden gems that make Lava Hot Springs a true traveler’s delight.

Lava Hot Springs with Destiny Egley. Hit play below!



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Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs Show Notes with Destiny Egley

02:21 – Destiny’s roots stretch back to Utah. Two decades ago, she embarked on a new chapter in Idaho alongside her husband, who was born and raised in Lava Hot Springs.

Initially, Destiny worked at a local grocery store upon their arrival. When a position opened up at Lava, she seized the opportunity and dedicated the last 20 years to her role there.

03:23 – The Lava Hot Springs Foundation is a state-owned facility. It is the only self-funded agency within the state of Idaho, and it operates its facilities on admission fees.

06:00 – Destiny highlights the reason behind their world-famous reputation, emphasizing the absence of sulfur in their pristine waters.

They have over two and a half million gallons of crystal-clear water coursing through their five pools every 24 hours. The pool temperatures vary from 112 to 102 degrees.

08:03 – Destiny takes genuine pride in the impeccable cleanliness of their facility. And on top of all that, what sets them apart is their commitment to keeping rates affordable compared to other hot springs.


10:00 – We’re gearing up for a trip to Henry’s Fork in October.

11:12 –  Bear Lake is another remarkable destination. It is just a few hours away from their location. Bear Lake offers fantastic fishing opportunities for cutthroat trout, lake trout, yellow perch, and mountain whitefish.

13:00 – The Olympic Swimming Complex & Indoor Aquatic Center is a summer facility featuring water slides, diving boards, diving towers, and basketball.

In addition, they have a year-round 25-yard indoor pool that boasts a rock-climbing wall, a diving board, and a relaxing hot tub.

16:17 – Some of the other things you can do in their area include a ziplining tour, Lava Go-Karts, shopping, and an upcoming brewery.

21:00 – Destiny and her husband’s go-to vehicle for exploring off-duty is a Polaris General UTV. They enjoy fishing at Chesterfield Reservoir, which is a 45-minute drive from Lava.

27:26 – Amidst all the incredible reasons, I asked Destiny about any downsides to living there.

41:47 – Blackfoot is another fantastic stop featuring the Idaho Potato Museum.

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Lava Hot Springs Idaho Hot Pools & Water Park

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Lava Hot Springs Conclusion with Destiny Egley

We’ve taken a wild ride with Destiny Egley, uncovered the wallet-friendly wonders, and even delved into the secrets of their sulfur-free hot springs—pretty cool, right?