Have you ever heard someone say, you need to twitch your fly or you need to twitch it more? Have you heard about jigging or using jigs in fly fishing and how this is such an effective method today? We bring both of these together as we jump back into Alaska and northern Bristol Bay.

Jeremy Freisz is here to share the twitching jig method and why pink is the only color you need for Togiak River success. Learn how to plan your trip and the exact tips you need for success in Alaska this year.

Show Notes with Jeremy Freisz on Tactics for Togiak River Success. Hit play below! 👇🏻


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Togiak River

Episode Chapters with Jeremy Freisz on Tactics for Togiak River Success

02:00 – Jeremy Freisz shares his journey of discovering fly fishing later in life, initially influenced by his family’s outdoor activities.

Over the years, Jeremy’s passion grew, leading to summers in Alaska at Togiak River Lodge and even starting to guide for Red’s Fly Shop.

Check out our episode on Reds Fly Shop with Joe Rotter.

Jeremy recently bought a customized Bighorn Skiff from StealthCraft.

Togiak River
Photo via @jfreisz2_fly_fishing on Instagram

Twitching Jig Method

07:37 –  Jeremy discusses his evolution as an angler, from being a novice to adapting new techniques like bead fishing in Alaska.

Over the years, he has experimented with Twitching Jigs, initially inspired by his uncle’s success with them on spinning rods.

12:40 – Jeremy emphasizes the effectiveness of pink-colored flies. He ties all his flies for Togiak in pink.

He emphasizes the importance of the sparkle in the fly to catch their attention, especially for resident dollies and sea run dollies that are active in the salt and likely associate pink with shrimp.

Togiak River

Timing and Fishing Conditions in the Togiak River 


17:00 – The timing of tides does impact fishing at the lodge, especially regarding water clarity and fish behavior. When the tide is coming in, the water gets murky, influencing fish activity.

Conversely, when the tide is going out, the water becomes clearer, and fish tend to be more reactive. However, these tide effects diminish about two miles upriver from the lodge.

Togiak River

Jeremy recommends timing your trip to Togiak based on your fishing preferences. For targeting Chinook salmon, he suggests going later in the king salmon season, around the end of July. However, for the best trout fishing experience, he suggests going earlier in the king salmon season.

Togiak River Lodge

22:35 – Togiak River Lodge sits amidst breathtaking tundra landscapes, with braids of the Togiak River weaving through, and numerous ponds dotting the terrain.

Behind the lodge lies a pike pond, offering anglers the chance to catch pike alongside other Pacific salmon species, rainbow trout, dolly varden, and grayling.

Togiak River Lodge

Bugs and Bears

Jeremy acknowledges the concern about bugs in Alaska, particularly the relentless mosquitoes in the Togiak region.

He shares his experience with giant mosquitoes and emphasizes the need for mosquito netting when venturing into mosquito-heavy areas.

Additionally, he mentions encountering grizzly bears, especially in late July.

Togiak River

Being Prepared for Alaska’s Weather

Jeremy recounts experiences of continuous rain and cold winds during his time at Togiak Lodge. He recommends specific clothing items for fishing in such conditions, including:

  • Good quality waders
  • Sturdy rain jackets, preferably full rubber for river floats
  • Electric clothing like vests for staying warm
  • Carrying multiple rain jackets and a dry bag for extra clothes

Togiak River

Key Takeaways for an Alaska Fishing Trip

Jeremy offers three essential takeaways for anyone planning an Alaska fishing trip:

  1. Manage Expectations: Understand that fishing can be unpredictable, and not every day will yield abundant catches. Enjoy the adventure regardless of fishing outcomes.
  2. Be Prepared for Bad Weather: Expect challenging weather conditions, delays, and travel disruptions. Embrace these as part of the Alaskan experience rather than letting them detract from your enjoyment.
  3. Consider Group Travel: Opt for traveling with a group for a more enjoyable experience, fostering camaraderie, shared experiences, and lasting memories.

Follow Jeremy on Instagram @jfreisz2_fly_fishing

Visit Togiak River Lodge

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Togiak River

Conclusion with Jeremy Freisz on Tactics for Togiak River Success

So there you have it! Jeremy Freisz shared some insights into Alaska fishing, the twitching jig method, and the importance of pink-colored flies.

Remember, managing expectations, being prepared for the weather, and considering group travel are key takeaways for a successful trip.