In this episode, learn about Togiak River Lodge with Zack and Jordan Larsen!

Show Notes with Zack & Jordan Larsen – Togiak River Lodge. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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togiak river lodge

Episode Chapters – Togiak River Lodge

(0:00:05) – Fishing Memories and Fly Fishing Journey
Brothers Zach and Jordan share their love for fishing and learning to fly fish in Alaska’s target-rich Togiak River.

togiak river lodge

(0:06:59) – The Fishing Experience in Tokyak, Alaska
Nature’s untouched beauty and abundant rainbow trout attract adventurous fishermen to the remote Togiak River in Alaska.

togiak river lodge

(0:12:45) – Dream Job at Tugiak River Lodge
The hosts discuss their dream of visiting a lodge in Alaska, one of them gets the opportunity to work there, and they reflect on their experiences.

(0:20:38) – Filming to Management in Family Business
Jordan discovers a passion for video production while managing a fishing lodge, emphasizing trust and communication in a family-run business.

(0:26:21) – Taking Over Lodge in Challenging Times
Zach and Jordan unexpectedly consider purchasing the Alaska fishing lodge after a conversation with a guest and navigating a challenging summer.

togiak river lodge

(0:37:32) – Lodge’s Trip Options and Arrival Process
Nature’s trip logistics, schedule, arrival/departure times, orientation, and popularity of shorter trips at a fishing lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

togiak river lodge

(0:44:50) – Fishing Options and Fly Fishing Opportunities
Nature’s diverse fishing options at Togiak River, Alaska include salmon, rainbow trout, grayling, spay-only rotation, silver fishery, top water, and mousing.



togiak river lodge

(0:49:33) – Fishing Season at Togiak River
Nature’s fishing opportunities on the Togiak River in Alaska, including best times, techniques, low water conditions, trophy-sized fish, and access options.

(1:02:11) – Outdoor Amenities and Fishing Regulations
Guests can enjoy outdoor activities, lounge area, sauna, and responsible fishing for salmon at the lodge.

togiak river lodge

(1:14:25) – Alaska Travel Planning and Logistics
Owners of Togiak Lodge share insights on running a remote fishing lodge in Alaska, discussing logistics and unpredictable nature.

togiak river lodge

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togiak river lodge

Conclusion – Togiak River Lodge

In this episode, learn about Togiak River Lodge with Zack and Jordan Larsen!