In this episode, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with none other than Jim Teeny, a true legend in the fly fishing world, about king salmon fishing. From creating the game-changing Teeny Nymph to revolutionizing fly lines, Jim’s done it all. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, kick back, and let me take you through some of the highlights from our conversation with Jim.

Show Notes with Jim Teeny on King Salmon Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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king salmon fishing

Episode Chapters with Jim Teeny on King Salmon Fishing

00:01:36 – Jim shares his upcoming trips with us including his trip to Jurassic Lake in Argentina where he once caught a giant rainbow trout.

“Best trip ever for giant Rainbow Trout at Jurassic Lake in Argentina Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge.” (Photo via:

00:03:16 – He takes us down memory lane to the 1960s. Imagine this: Jim and his buddy head out to Oregon’s East Lake, not knowing they’re about to make fly fishing history. That’s where the iconic Teeny Nymph was born. And the fly lines? Well, Jim’s quest to better sink rates led to a friendly chat with Scientific Anglers, sparking a revolution in how we think about fly lines. Who knew a simple idea could change so much?

king salmon fishing
Photo via:–No-4-6-8-10_p_62.html

00:09:50 – According to Jim, if the water is high in Alaska, the kings will often be on the brackish side of the water. When he’s fishing there, he mostly uses his TS-Series and a short leader like three to four feet. When targeting chinooks, he uses a single-hand rod.

00:17:38 – Jim’s philosophy on fishing, “I spot ’em I got ’em”, is pretty straightforward – if you can see the fish, you can catch it. He swears by polarized glasses and a keen eye. During our talk, he shared some epic moments on steelhead fishing. It’s all about reading and understanding the water and being in the right place at the right time. He also details how he would present a fly to the fish.

“Steelhead, Alaska, Dave Duncan and Sons Outfitters” (Photo via:

00:24:49 – He shares a story that he also wrote in his book titled “Fly Fishing Great Waters”. One day on their teeny flies and fly lines, they hooked 77 king salmon. Talking about King Salmon with Jim is like listening to an action-packed adventure novel. He’s fished from Alaska to the Pacific Northwest and has stories that’ll make your reel spin.

king salmon fishing
Photo via:

00:41:12 – He gives us valuable tips on fishing for Sockeye salmon in Alaska. He mentions the colors that would get you sockeyes and kings, but their number one is hot pink. He also shares about that time when he won a fishing tournament on saltwater.

00:49:18 – Jim’s not one to stay put. He shares tales of his fishing trips around the globe. Each adventure is a mix of stunning scenery, amazing catches, and great company. It’s like taking a world tour while chasing after the next big catch.

00:55:08 – He briefly shares how he came to start up a business in fly fishing.

1:00:47 – He gives a shout-out to John Randolph, editor of the Fly Fisherman magazine, and Lefty Kreh whom he looks up to in the industry.


You can find Jim on Instagram @Teeny_Inc.

Facebook at Jim Teeny, Inc. 

Visit his website at

king salmon fishing

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king salmon fishing

Conclusion with Jim Teeny on King Salmon Fishing

Hanging out with Jim was not just informative; it was like chatting with an old friend who’s seen and done it all in fly fishing. His stories, tips, and passion for the sport are a reminder of why we love fly fishing so much. It’s not just about catching fish; it’s about the experiences, the places, and the people we meet along the way. Thanks for tuning in, and here’s to many more adventures on the water!