In this podcast, join Ed Herbst in The Delicate Fly Fisher!

The Delicate Fly Fisher with Ed Herbst. Hit play below!

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small stream fly fishing

Show Notes with Ed Herbst on The Delicate Fly Fisher

05:00 – Ed joined the Cape Piscatorial Society in his mid-30s. He also wrote for Piscator Journals.

09:45 – Ed talks about what he thinks about Tenkara rods

12:00 – Ed wrote a book called, The Delicate Fly Fisher. He talks about its chapters.

small stream fly fishing

20:25 – Gary Borger was on the podcast in episode 045

21:45 – Ed noted how Sage came up with the Ought-wt fly rod.

26:15 – “Small stream Ethos is a visual form of fly fishing”. Ed explains how and why.

37:30 – Ed talks about the disease he has that took away his balance, which also is one of the reasons why he couldn’t fish anymore.

41:40 – Jeff Morgan wrote a book about Small-Stream Fly Fishing. Jeff Morgan was on the podcast at WFS 120.

small stream fly fishing

42:00 – Ed also noted Jeff’s book, Productive Trout Flies for Unorthodox Prey: The Oddballs. Ed tells us what he loves most about that book.


small stream fly fishing

46:00 – Ed breaks down the stuff to keep in mind when going on a fishing trip.

  • Wear proper fishing attire and use the right equipment.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Be stealthy

53:45 – Ed talks about his broadcasting career being a reporter.

56:00 – We talk about Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.

1:04:30 – Ed noted the book, Trout From Small Streams by Dave Hughes.small stream fly fishing

1:07:15 – Ed noted the book, Fly Fishing Outside the Box: Emerging Heresies

small stream fly fishing

1:10:15 – We recently had Geri Meyer out of the Driftless Anglers at WFS 468.

1:14:30 – The main species they target in Cape Town are browns and rainbows.

1:17:00 – Ed’s go-to fly rod is a 7-foot 2-wt/3-wt.

1:17:30 – Ed noted that video of Joe Humphreys fishing small streams.

1:29:45 – Ed talks about Gary LaFontaine’s theory of attraction.

You can find Ed on Instagram @ed_herbst346

Visit Piscator.Co.Za to check out Ed’s stuff

 small stream fly fishing

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Conclusion with Ed Herbst

In this podcast, join Ed Herbst in The Delicate Fly Fisher!