In this podcast, learn Mavrk Fishing with Jeff Sasaki!

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mavrk fishing

Mavrk Fishing Show Notes with Jeff Sasaki

2:43 – Jeff gives us an update since we last had him in episode 415. The main thing is they are expanding their rod line that has just been launched.

mavrk fishing
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3:20 – He further discusses the advantages of the new rod line they’ll launch which will be longer and lighter.

9:47 – We dig into product design and development. His degree and background were in product design. Before Mavrk, he started a brand called Element Case.

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11:17 – Jeff explains industrial design, graphic design, and engineering.

15:35 – We return to the fascinating account of how he founded Element Case.

17:32 – He tells a humorous tale about how Apple once misplaced a prototype in a bar. He considered creating a case for the iPhone 4 at that time because it had just gone viral. Their instances gained widespread attention, and they received so many orders that the server had to shut down their website.

28:28 – He eventually decided to sell the brand. He realized he was not interested in the consumer electronics industry, took a break, and made Mavrk happen.

31:53 – He explains the lessons he learned while creating the Element Case and launching Mavrk. He reached a point with Element where he was unable to accomplish what he enjoyed doing with Element, such as creating and chatting with clients.

35:02 – I ask him how he would have kept the Element small.

36:28 – For Mavrk, he wants to keep the company small.

39:02 – He gives some advice and tips for those who want to create a product for the outdoors like talking to somebody who has an idea about the product, preferably an industrial designer who knows a thing about the materials, the manufacturing, and the industry.


45:20 – He discusses the Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory and the five adopter categories when promoting a new product or service to a target population.

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49:22 – He tells about that time, early on for Mavrk, when they launched on Kickstarter which he says was a mistake.

53:15 – He talks about graphene, which is utilized in Formula 1 cars.

54:46 – He gives some advice about the fly fishing industry that might help those who want to introduce a new product.

1:03:39 – He encourages people to learn how to write a business plan. He recommends the book titled “How to Write a Business Plan” by Mike McKeever.

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1:06:18 – He believes that being a product designer allows him to be near to the things he enjoys, like when he designed a Fox Racing helmet for Ricky Carmichael.

You can find Jeff on Instagram @MavrkFlyFishing.

Facebook at Mavrk.

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mavrk fishing

Resources Noted in the Show

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mavrk fishing

Mavrk Fishing Conclusion Jeff Sasaki

In this podcast, learn Mavrk Fishing with Jeff Sasaki!