Devin Olsen is back on the podcast for the second time.  Our first 2-time guest!  Devin shares his most recent book – Tactical Fly Fishing.

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Show Notes with Devin Olsen

01:55 – Devin was on in Episode 43 of the podcast where he broke down Euro Nymphing among other topics.

04:30 – We discuss the Book – Tactical Fly Fishing:  Lessons Learned from Competition for All Anglers.

07:40 – We talk about Chapter 1 and how to avoid spooking fish.  Devin notes that being able to see or not see the bottom is a key part of getting into stealth mode.

14:00 – Devin has a blog post that covers the Modular approach along with two instructional videos that are out.

15:33 – The blog post: Creating a Modular Euro Nymphing Leader is discussed and covered here.

16:30 – Chapter 3 and the big advantage of Euro Nymphing.  See the pro con comparison video of euro nymphing vs indicator nymphing.

23:10 – We talk about bankside lies and why they are so attractive for brown trout.


You can reach Devin at where you can find his new book.


Resources Noted in Show


tactical fly fishing

Tactical Fly Fishing by Devin Olson


Euro Nymphing vs Indicator Nymphing


Conclusion with Devin Olsen

Devin breaks down his new book – Tactical Fly Fishing.  We cover a brief summary of each chapter and get into a few juicy tips along the way.