I had the pleasure of sitting down with the most travelled fly fisherman on the planet. Jeff Currier has caught 400 species of fish on the fly and is still going for more.

We talk about some tips and tricks if you want to do some additional traveling this year. We go deep on some African Tigers, his 500k car and is upcoming nomadic life.


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Show Notes with Jeff Currier

10:30 – Jeff worked for Jack Dennis for about 30 years and left when they started to restrict his vacation time.

14:55 – Yellow Dog Fly Fishing is a sponsor for Jeff and a leading company that is taking people to Africa to fish for Tiger fish.

27:50 – The Dodge Aspen (see photo below) is a cool story and a reason why Jeff was able to travel the world.  Here’s a video on the Aspen from the 1970’s.

33:12 – Scientific Anglers Tropical Titan Taper is great for fishing Tigers because it can handle the heat and turn over big flies.

36:00 – Jeff describes some of the issues with IGFA and why he doesn’t focus on it anymore for fishing records.

52:00 – The Mission is a good African fly fishing magazine that covers tigers.

1:00:00 – The Octopus hook is one that Jeff loves for Tigers.

1:05:00 – The waterproof Simms bags are the goto product that Jeff doesn’t leave home without.  He notes that especially for traveling internationally a waterproof bag can be a game changer.  Much of the time you find your bags on the tamarack sitting in the rain.

1:09:27 – A stripping basket is a tool Jeff uses.

1:09:30 – We talked about the SUP Paddle Boards and how many travelers are using them while traveling.

1:12:15 – Ed Engle noted in episode 59 that he went to Woodstock and saw Neil Young.  I drew a big blank in the show but this is the beauty of the show notes.  

1:13:43 – The fly fishing world championships for the masters division and will be in South Africa



You can follow Jeff at his website here at JeffCurrier.com or on Instagram.



Resources Noted in the Show


The Scientific Angler Tropical Titan Taper


Music from the Show



The Aspen with over 500,000 Miles!


jeff currier

Conclusion with Jeff Currier

As always, I had a blast going off on a few tangents with Jeff Currier.  The life and stories we covered today should inspire you to get out of your box and test out new waters.  Jeff has made a life travelling and fishing around the world an has no plan to stop.

From African Tigers to carp in the lower 48, Jeff has hooked into about 400 species on the fly.  Find out how he has done it and grab a few tips for yourself.