We are going back to basics today with the Woolly Worm.  One of the best first flies to begin with when starting out.

I walk you through tying the woolly bugger in this video tutorial.  If you are new to fly tying then the best thing you can do is start with the basics.

Whether a woolly worm or a woolly bugger, the fact that this fly has only 3 materials makes a difference.

Master this one then move onto the next.  Take a step by step and you’ll be dominating the fly tying seen soon enough.


Click Here to Watch the Video:


As you can see there’s not much to it.  If you have questions you can send me an email by clicking here.  If you are interested in more personal coaching then you can check out the FlyTyingMentor.com.

This is where I offer fly tying material deliveries to your door, guided online videos that walk you through tying step by step and a local group to keep you focused.