In this podcast, learn about Drift Lodge & Fly Shop with Mike Wilson!

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drift lodge & fly shop

Episode Chapters with Mike Wilson on Drift Lodge & Fly Shop

1:06 – Mike’s first memory of fishing is watching his dad fly fish in a lake in Central Utah.

5:08 – He tells us the interesting story of how he made a career out of fly fishing.

6:41 – He shares how the Drift Lodge & Fly Shop came to be in 2013 with the support and help of his wife.

11:15 – He mentions Lonnie Allen of the Three Rivers Ranch who he says has made living in Island Park and working in the industry a joy.

Lonnie Allen, owner of Three Rivers Ranch since 1987 (Photo via:

16:15 – He walks us through his guiding services for those who are interested to do stillwater fishing in Henry’s Lake.

17:18 – He tells us how fishing at Hebgen Lake is different from that at Henry’s Lake.

19:50 – He mentions other fishing opportunities in the area such as the Island Park Reservoir, Hebgen, Quake Lake, and Elk Lake.

20:30 – He talks about the regulation changes in Henry’s Lake.

21:30 – He describes ice-off fishing in Idaho in April and May. He says that indicator fishing is great at that time of the year.

drift lodge & fly shop
“Henrys Lake and capped… #henryslake #idaho #icefishing #stillwater #islandparkidaho #flyshop #flyfishing” (Photo via:

23:38 – Growing up, he used to ice fish in Scofield Reservoir in Central Utah. That’s where he saw the biggest tiger trout he had ever seen.

Photo via:

26:25 – Their fishing season in Island Park kicks off in the Memorial Weekend.


27:45 – He talks about Bill Schiess, an advocate of their fly shop and author of the book Fishing Henrys Lake.

Photo via:

30:12 – He talks about his son Patrick who came back from the army with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) due to a traumatic brain injury. He’s now doing meaningful work for veterans.

They have worked with non-profit organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Project Healing Waters.

33:15 – His son now found his passion for fly fishing. He is their best-reviewed fishing guide.

drift lodge & fly shop
Photo via:

36:00 – He tells us his gear setup for stillwater fishing in Hebgen and Henrys Lake. He carries five reels with him when stillwater fishing.

44:10 – He talks about his trip to Labrador where they fished for northern pike.

45:38 – He gives us some insider tips for those wanting to do a fishing trip in Island Park, Idaho.

53:12 – He mentions the species you can fish in Hebgen and Henrys Lake.

56:10 – We give a shout-out to Yellowstone Teton Territory. He talks about his role in the said organization and how it boosts tourism in Idaho.

57:50 – He mentions the other activities you can do in their area aside from fly fishing.

1:00:00 – He tells us more about their facilities in the Drift Lodge & Fly Shop.

drift lodge & fly shop
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You can find Mike on Instagram @DriftLodge_FlyShop.

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drift lodge & fly shop

Videos Noted in the Show

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drift lodge & fly shop

Conclusion with Mike Wilson on Drift Lodge & Fly Shop

In this podcast, learn about Drift Lodge & Fly Shop with Mike Wilson!



  1. Is guide Lynn Sessions still in the Island Park area? I met Lynn years ago in Twin Bridges, Mt. and fished with him on the Ruby, Madison & the Beaverhead Rivers.He was a great person as well as a terrific guide.
    Dave Gunderson