Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we venture into the heart of the Canadian Rockies with Daniel and his father, Urs, owners of the Northern Rockies Adventures lodge. We’re taking you through the untouched backcountry, accessible only by float planes, and unfolding the unique fishing secrets hidden within. The rocky terrains here are home to an array of fish species such as rainbow trout, walleye, and the rare Arctic grayling, offering an invaluable opportunity for any fishing enthusiast.

Show Notes with Daniel and Urs – Northern Rockies Adventures. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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We are not just exploring the wilderness and its underwater treasures; we are also diving into the captivating world of float plane fishing. Sharing their journey, Daniel and Urs take us on a flight to remote fishing locations and reveal how they foster deep connections with their guests. They also express their love for flying and fishing, which has strengthened their bond as a father-son duo and created unforgettable memories.

northern rockies adventures

But the excitement doesn’t stop at fishing. We also talk about the panoramic landscapes of the Northern Rockies, its stunning hot springs, and the incredible mountains that overlook the region. This episode is packed with a wealth of information on fly fishing techniques, the best gear to use in remote lakes, and tips on catching diverse fish species. Join us as we share the heartwarming story of Daniel and Urs’ shared passion for flying and fishing, and the life they’ve built together. Whether you’re an avid fisher or just love a good adventure, this episode has something for you.

Episode Chapters – Northern Rockies Adventure

(0:00:05) – Remote Wilderness Lodge in Northern Rockies
Nature’s remote fishing in Northern Rockies, species of fish, main lake Muncho, float planes, untouched backcountry, and Trout River’s abundance of grayling.

northern rockies adventures

(0:07:51) – Fishing in Canadian Rockies
Nature’s unique fishery in the Canadian Rockies offers a diverse range of species, including the rare Inconnu fish, known as the “tarpon of the north.

(0:16:36) – Float Plane Operations and Family Involvement
Nature’s unique float plane fishing experience, personal connections with guests, 70+ destinations, and specialized planes.

(0:23:12) – Fly Fishing Adventures in Remote Locations
Nature’s untouched lakes, clean air, and thrilling fishing experiences for Arctic grayling, bull trout, and rainbow trout.

northern rockies adventures
Photo Courtesy of Pete Bowman – @petebowman_fishing

(0:31:30) – Fishing for Pike and Bull Trout
Nature’s fishing opportunities in the Northern Rocky region, regulations for sustainability, taste and quality of fish, techniques and equipment used.

northern rockies adventures

northern rockies adventures
Photo Courtesy of Pete Bowman – @petebowman_fishing

(0:44:27) – Lake Trout and Fly Fishing Tips
Nature’s underappreciated lake trout and its two body morphs, catching a grand slam of six trophy species in the BC Rockies, fully guided trip with three hosts.

(0:50:42) – Fishing Gear and Techniques
Nature’s fly fishing in remote Canadian lakes for pike, lake trout, and walleye, with a debate between eight and 10-wt rods and the influence of conventional fishing.

(0:57:49) – Northern Rockies Hot Springs, Fishing, Conservation
Nature’s wonders in remote BC include hot springs, geothermal activity, fishing in two watersheds, and winter activities like chasing the northern lights.

northern rockies adventures

(1:06:56) – Fly Fishing Gear Essentials and Tips
Nature’s gear and equipment for fly fishing in mountain streams and rivers, including rod weight, fly patterns, and line selection.

(1:13:47) – Flying, Family, and Future
Father and son duo share a passion for flying and fishing, reflecting on memories, requirements for a pilot’s license, and the beauty of Canadian winters.

northern rockies adventures

northern rockies adventures

(1:18:37) – Flying to Remote Locations With King Air
Brothers who own a remote lodge in Canada discuss the benefits of owning a private plane for non-stop travel and personalized guest experiences.

northern rockies adventures

(1:30:08) – Fishing Adventures in Canada
Nature’s beauty in British Columbia, fishing packages with cabin stays, meals, and flyouts, honoring late friend with beer.

(1:38:38) – Learning From a Fishing Expert
Experienced fly fisherman shares 40 years of knowledge and 70 prime spots in Northern BC, inviting listeners to explore the area.

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Conclusion with Daniel and Urs – Northern Rockies Adventures

In this episode with Daniel and Urs of Northern Rockies Adventures, we embarked on a captivating journey into the heart of the Canadian Rockies, exploring untouched backcountry accessible only by float planes and uncovering unique fishing secrets. Beyond the thrill of remote fishing, the episode delved into the father-son duo’s love for flying and fishing, showcasing how these shared passions have deepened their bond and created lasting memories. From panoramic landscapes to hot springs and majestic mountains, the episode provided a wealth of information on fly fishing techniques, gear for remote lakes, and tips for catching diverse fish species. Ultimately, it encapsulated not just the excitement of the outdoors but also the warmth of family and the joy of building a life centered around nature, offering a glimpse into a world where flying, fishing, and family converge to create a life rich in experiences and meaningful connections.