Tom spills the secrets to successful casting and decoding hatch patterns. Plus, get behind-the-scenes anecdotes from twelve years of the Orvis Podcast, including moments with literary icons Tom McGuane and John McPhee.

Show Notes with Tom Rosenbauer on Fly Casting and Hatch Strategies. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Tom Rosenbauer

Episode Chapters with Tom Rosenbauer on Fly Casting and Hatch Strategies

1:20 – We caught up with Tom last on Episode 63, so let’s dive into what he’s been up to since then.

05:09 – We delved into the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival and explored Tom’s friendship with Beau Beasley. We had Beau as a guest on Episode 400.

07:26 – We talked about ways to elevate trout fishing, emphasizing the idea of being a generalist instead of solely focusing on one technique.

11:00 – Tom highlighted the crucial role of casting skills, emphasizing the need to master the standard overhead cast as a foundation for improving techniques like the double haul.

16:25 – Tom recommends watching instructional videos like Pete Kutzer’s for a visual guide on how to do a reach cast.

18:49 – Tom highlighted the importance of reading water in trout fishing. Key factors to consider:

  • Depth: 2 to 4 feet
  • Velocity: Around 1 foot per second
  • Flow: Uniform with minimal turbulence

31:40 – Tom encourages anglers to spend more time observing insect behavior and how fish respond to them rather than getting overly concerned about entomology.


43:27 – Tom discusses the Hatch Strategy philosophy, emphasizing that anglers often focus too much on fly patterns rather than crucial factors like approach angle, fish rhythm, and, most importantly, leader length.

53:06 – Tom shares his preference for a 7.5 ft 3wt rod for brook trout fishing in high mountain streams.

55:04 – We also talked about the Orvis Podcast that has been going on for twelve years now.

Tom Rosenbauer

57:40 – Tom Rosenbauer recalls being particularly nervous for two episodes with his personal heroes, Tom McGuane and John McPhee.


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Tom Rosenbauer

Conclusion with Tom Rosenbauer on Fly Casting and Hatch Strategies

As we wrap up this adventure with Tom Rosenbauer, we can’t help but feel inspired to hit the water armed with newfound wisdom.