Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into some tips on swinging flies for Lake Erie steelhead. We find out which spey casting tips Jeff gave me on our trip to Ohio. We also get the low down on the plan for next year’s Steelhead School trip that is gonna be changing. We might be hitting multiple locations.

We also get a wrap-up from our guest on the school event on the Fireside Chat with Dave. It was a fun time. We sat around the campfire under the stars at the cabin. We basically talk about what is all about at the end of the episode.

Ohio Steelhead with Jeff Liskay. Hit play below!


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Ohio Steelhead

Ohio Steelhead Show Notes with Jeff Liskay

3:50 – Jeff and I look back on the Steelhead School trip we did in December last year.

5:30 – I ask him about his gear including the new Skagit short from Scientific Anglers (SA) that we used on our Ohio trip.

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7:38 – He gives tips on fishing the streams of Ohio which is a great spot for steelhead fishing.

Ohio Steelhead
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11:14 – I tell a story about that time we were in the Grand River and I surprisingly caught a brown trout which is pretty rare in that area.

13:04 – He talks about the importance of fly selection.

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15:23 – He shares his thought process when he or somebody does not get anything from the water, no feedback, no fish, or no touches.

17:59 – We dig into the gears and techniques we used during our trip which includes the TC Tip Kit from SA that comes in 10 and 12 feet.

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29:30 – I ask him if the Steelhead School trip is something that he would do again. He also shares his perspective on that trip.

31:56 – We give a shout-out to Boris who was not able to join us on the trip due to a health concern.

34:29 – He mentions some great spots and waters to explore and fish in.

35:32 – We share our plans for the next Steelhead School. If you’re interested to join us, you can go to

36:24 – We talk about when the airline lost my checked-in bag during our trip. We also give a shout-out to Reece Fabbro Jr., Jeff’s friend and owner of The Backpackers Shop for helping us out.

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37:22 – He also gives a shout-out to Dan Pribanic of Chagrin River Outfitters and Jerry Darkes who also guested on the podcast in episode 170.

38:44 – He tells about the best months to go fishing in Ohio.

45:31 – He talks about the hatchery versus the wild.

48:28 – I ask him why he likes the 11’6” over the longer and shorter ones.

50:39 – He talks about how he guides and teaches casting and how he helped me during our trip.

Ohio Steelhead
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53:19 – He asks me what I think the questions he asks to a client when they step into the water.

54:52 – He tells the difference between spey and Skagit. He calls the Skagit controlled chaos.

56:23 – We dig into the flies they use including his go-to fly.

1:03:23 – Our fireside chat during the trip where we asked each participant about their experience.

More photos from our Midwest Steelhead School here.

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Ohio Steelhead

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Ohio Steelhead

Ohio Steelhead Conclusion with Jeff Liskay

It’s always a pleasure to talk and fish with Jeff. I appreciate him going above and beyond during the trip. I also thank everyone who was with us on that trip for making it more fun and memorable.

The Steelhead School is a great trip and Jeff really goes the extra mile to make it happen. The time with him on the water is an experience that all anglers would get value out of, whether you have fished with a guide before or not.

Join us in the next Steelhead School by signing up here.