Rick Hafele, an angler, author, and Entomologist is back on the podcast for the second time to share some insights on understanding aquatic insects and mastering the art of matching the hatch. Rick’s experiences and knowledge shine through as he shares his recent lake fishing adventures in British Columbia, his involvement with the Deschutes River Alliance, and his exciting plans to fish in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. We also talk about his passion for music and photography!

Aquatic Insects with Rick Hafele. Hit play below!

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We delve into the role of observation and decision-making, choosing the right fly patterns, and adjusting the weight of the fly. With a spotlight on Caddis flies, we discuss some fly tactics, also highlighting the flymph pattern’s effectiveness and the unique differences between Eastern and Western Caddis hatches. Our conversation also touches on the subtle nuances of nymph fishing, discussing the importance of achieving a natural drift, getting the fly to the right depth, detecting strikes, and understanding insect life history for a successful fishing expedition.

rick hafele

Beyond these tips and tricks, we also talk about the importance of resources and learning opportunities. Rick shares his recommendations for books that offer deeper insights into eastern caddisflies and western mayflies. He also highlights the incredible online sessions with Phil Rowley where major orders of aquatic insects and their hatches are discussed. Wrapping up the episode, Rick shares his unique fishing tips for Montana and updates on his music endeavors.

Show Notes with Rick Hafele on Aquatic Insects

(0:00:02) – Fly Fishing Passion and Community
Fly fishing’s importance to the environment and community, tips and tricks, Water’s West and Anglers sponsors, Rick’s activities and upcoming trip, and lake fishing experiences in BC discussed.

rick hafele

(0:12:24) – Caddis Patterns and Fishing Techniques
Catching Caddis flies using pupa patterns, swinging pupa, dry Caddis patterns, flymph patterns, and East/West Coast hatches discussed.

aquatic insects

(0:19:24) – Observation and Decision-Making in Fly Fishing
Observe the environment, learn about insects, and use the best tactics to catch Caddis flies.

aquatic insects

(0:32:01) – Mistakes in Fly Fishing and Nymphing
Fly fishing tactics, environment, fly patterns, weight, weather, nymphs, pupa, and beetles were discussed.


(0:39:18) – Learning the Techniques of Nymph Fishing
Euro Nymphing’s key factors for success, streamer effectiveness, and tips for further information are discussed.

(0:50:04) – Insect Life History and Resources for Learning Entomology
We discussed aquatic insect life history, books, fly patterns, and Phil Rowley’s online sessions.

aquatic insects

(0:59:55) – Fishing Tips in Montana, Music Updates
We discuss fly fishing, Rick’s blues music, and the importance of understanding nature.

rick hafele

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


rick hafele

Conclusion with Rick Hafele on Aquatic Insects

In this podcast episode, angler and environmental advocate Rick Hafele shares profound insights into aquatic insects and nymph fishing. His passion for nature shines as he recounts BC lake fishing and involvement with the Deschutes River Alliance. Highlights include mastering Caddis fly tactics, observing nature, and refining nymph fishing techniques.

Rick’s wisdom extends to resource recommendations, fostering a learning spirit. He details the nuances of fly selection, drift technique, and strike detection, making even nymph fishing approachable. The episode concludes with Montana fishing tips and updates on Rick’s music pursuits, reminding us of the interconnectedness of nature and personal passions.