Today on the Swing, we sit back by the virtual campfire with Skip Huber and Daniel Pitts— the duo behind Happy Camper Radio.

They’re here to share their camping gear tips, hilarious camping mishaps, and even a few podcasting secrets.

Grab your marshmallows and get ready for a great outdoor chat with a twist of tech and a dash of humor.

Happy Camper Radio with Skip Huber and Daniel Pitts. Hit play below!



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Happy Camper Radio

Happy Camper Radio Show Notes with Skip Huber and Daniel Pitts

02:43 – Back when Skip was just 23, he teamed up with a financial partner to put together a small-market FM radio station in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Although he later dabbled in law enforcement and even tried his hand at TV news, he said radio was in his blood.

04:40 – Daniel Pitts shares the story of how he got involved in the podcast with Skip. He and Skip were super-close neighbors, and he would often talk about podcasting.

07:09 – Happy Camper Radio recently celebrated a significant milestone with their 10th-anniversary episode, which aired approximately a month ago.


09:53 – Skip and Daniel discuss how they pick topics to talk about on the show.

Camping Gear Tips From Skip and Daniel

13:10 – Daniel recounts a camping adventure with Skip at FDR State Park. Skip’s uncanny ability to summon rain left his gear soaked and him frustrated, leading to his declaration that he was finished with tent camping.

Just five days later, he got himself a new Transcend Xplor 200MK RV.Happy Camper Radio

23:00 – Daniel shares his insights on the pros and cons of a pop-up RV. He also talked about the BAL leveler, which he swears by for effortlessly leveling out RVs.

28:46 – Daniel emphasizes the importance of quality gear for successful hiking. He particularly raves about Darn Tough socks. They have an incredible warranty that ensures you can get a new pair if you ever wear them out.

31:00 – Daniel is also a proud user of Bearvault, one of our valued partners featured on the show.bearvault

37:32- Skip offers advice on selecting the perfect RV for your needs. He also notes the importance of investing in a quality mattress topper, especially since many RVs come equipped with inexpensive mattresses. Daniel adds another tip: don’t forget the pool noodles!

41:55 – Daniel is at it again with more sock wisdom, this time suggesting Injinji toe socks.

Podcasting with Skip and Daniel

45:00 – We delve into the tech side of their podcasting setup and their usual recording process.

49:00 – Skip used to be a part of the Judge Hatchett show.

54:45 – Daniel is an avid fan of podcasts and enjoys listening to audiobooks as well. He particularly enjoys comedy podcasts like Tuesdays with Stories and We Might Be Drunk.

58:22 – On the other hand, Skip says he doesn’t listen to a lot of podcasts because he spends most of his time editing their podcast. Outside of that, he enjoys his retirement with his dog, his RV, and camping.

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Happy Camper Radio Conclusion

We hope you’ve picked up some valuable camping tips and had a few laughs along the way. What’s your most memorable camping mishap or must-have camping gear item? Share your stories with us and keep the outdoor adventures rolling!