Craig Schuhmann breaks down the Williamson River and the Klamath Falls area including how he became a guide in one of the best rainbow trout stillwater fisheries in the west.  Big time bows and big time tips from one of the good guys in fly fishing today on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast.

We also hear about how Craig became the editor of the FlyFishing and Tying Journal, hear about Frank Amato and his publishing company including Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine.  Find out which is the top of the 40 Top American Trout Flies.  This was another fun one!


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Show Notes with Craig Schuhmann

03:08 – Craig noted George Mackey who was a friend of his dad’s in Oregon and Washington.

10:00 – The Lonesome Duck is one of the first shops that gave Craig a guiding position.

14:00 – Fishing Oregon by Moon Outdoors and written by Craig Schuhman.  This was the first real thing Craig had ever done.  This got him into selling his stuff to some of the fly fishing magazines.

15:00 – Dave Klausmeyer really helped Craig with his writing by being a hard ass editor for Fly Tyer Magazine.

20:00 – We talked about Gary Lewis who is one of the only full time writers for the journal and also someone I had on the podcast in episode 49.

23:20 – Rob Crandal was also the editor before Craig and was on the podcast in episode 62 to talk about steelhead.

24:40 – 40 Great American Trout Flies was another book that Craig wrote prior to becoming the editor of FTJ.

26:30 –  Salmon, Trout Steelheader is the other big magazine that Frank Amato publishes.

31:30 – Brian Silvies fly is the edible emerger.  Brian guides on the Deschutes and other local.

32:15 – I talk about the missing link by Mike Mercer who was on the podcast.  This missing link is freakin killer.


35:50 – Mike McCafferty wrote the Royal Wulff Murders.

41:00 – Fly Fisherman magazine is one of the other big tips and trips magazines.

52:00 – Denny Rickards Seal Bugger is the goto pattern.  Denny was on the podcast in episode 64.

58:00 – Robert Behnky wrote Trout and Salmon of North America.  We note this as we talk about how similar these rainbows are to steelhead and in fact were probably mostly steelhead historically.

1:08:00 – The book 50 Woman Who Fish including Mia who was on the podcast in episode 76 here.

1:18:50 – Dave Hughes book Wet Flies has a chapter on Polly Rosborough and Tying and Fishing Fuzzy Nymphs is Polly’s book.  Both are two good resources for Klamath Falls.

1:23:20 – We talk about the new Quentin Tarantino movie – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  


You can find Craig at the or at  You can all goto for another great way to connect with Craig and the crew!



Resources Noted in the Show

Fishing Oregon by Moon Outdoors and written by Craig Schuhman

oregon fishing


Royal Wulff Murders by Mike McCafferty

Royal Wulff Murders


Trout and Salmon of North America by Robert Behnky

trout and salmon of north america


Videos Noted in the Show

Silvey’s Edible Emerger


Miles Davis – Bitches Brew


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 


craig Schuhmann

Conclusion with Craig Schuhman

Craig breaks down the Williamson River in Southern Oregon and the gear and tips you need to catch a trophy rainbow trout.  We hear about the FlyFishing and Tying Journal and Frank Amato, the man behind many fly fishing books from around the country.

If you don’t get a great tip for rainbows or if I missed anything please leave a comment below.