Bruce Staples takes us on a journey inside the Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo. We find and hear about some of the histories of the people who made this event unique. Bruce breaks down the list of the fly fishing icons that will be there, what you can expect, and why you should be there this year.

We also hear about the great Teton Dam story, how it came to be, and why it got destroyed. Bruce was on the podcast for the first time at WFS 269 so it’s great to check back with him. Here we go…

Fly Fishing Expo with Bruce Staples. Hit play below!

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fly fishing expo

Show Notes with Bruce Staples

03:00 – We just did an episode with Jon Stiehl from Trout Hunter where we talked mostly about the Henry’s Fork river.

3:45 – We had Bruce on the podcast for the first time in episode 269.

07:00 – The first Fly Fishing Expo they did was in 1994 at a local hotel.

16:40 – We talk about the House of Harrop.

18:10 – Mike Lawson was on the podcast in episode 190.

20:10 – Bruce mentioned Doug Gibson from Three River Ranch and a bunch of other names who will be at the Fly Fishing Expo this year.

fly fishing expo

24:30 – Steven Fernandez is one of the top fly tyers in the country.


fly fishing expo

30:40 – Dan Bailey promoted Montana so much that it became a well-known fly-fishing destination.

fly fishing expo

38:30 – Bruce tells the story of how the Teton Dam came to be in the 60s and how it got destroyed in the 70s.

43:15 – We talk about the Banquet at the Fly Fishing Expo.

45:00 – You can check out what they have going at

58:20 – Bruce’s rod of choice is a 9-foot 6 wt. His top fly is a Dry Muddler.

1:00:00 – Tip: Watch the water. Observe and stay undercover.

You can find SRCExpo on Instagram @snakerivercutthroats

Visit their website at

fly fishing expo

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