In this episode, learn about Kamloops Fly Fishing with Stanton Jack!

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kamloops fly fishing

Episode Chapters

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Memories
Nature’s influence on Stanton’s fly fishing roots in Kamloops, BC, including childhood memories, fishing techniques, and changes in the sport over time.

(0:11:49) – Fish Population Changes and Fly Fishing
Nature’s changes in fish sizes, family life, competition fishing, social media, and family dynamics are discussed in this chapter.

kamloops fly fishing

(0:16:27) – Parenting Challenges and Fly Fishing History
Parenting challenges, competitive fishing, influential mentors, history of stocking lakes, evolution of fly patterns, passion, and commitment of angling legends.

(0:20:00) – Fly Fishing Competitions and Patterns
Notable figures, fly fishing innovations, competitive events, international challenges, and potential guest involvement in podcasts.

kamloops fly fishing

(0:34:22) – Fishing
Nature’s excitement of fly fishing for coho and chinook salmon in British Columbia, differences in techniques and locations, and the anticipation for prime fishing season in lakes.

(0:46:07) – Fly Tying, Togens Fly Shop, and Fishing Reflections
Product development, sponsorships, podcasting, and fly tying are discussed, highlighting freedom, support, and simplicity in the fishing industry.

kamloops fly fishing

(0:55:25) – Fishing Lakes
Nature’s fly-tying techniques for effective Chironomids, scuds, and Mayfly nymphs in specific lakes from April to July.

kamloops fly fishing

(1:04:27) – Salt Water Fishing, Classical Guitar Playing
Nature’s saltwater fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish around Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, and a conversation with classical guitar teacher Stanton.


kamloops fly fishing

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