In this podcast, learn more about Trophy Trout with Landon Mayer!

Show Notes with Landon Mayer – Trophy Trout. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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trophy trout

Episode Chapters – Trophy Trout

(0:00:05) – Trophy Trout and Fly Fishing
Nature’s guide Landon talks about his fly fishing experiences, upcoming shows, and simplified teaching style.

trophy trout

(0:10:59) – Presentations, Home Water, and Trophy Trout
Nature’s evolving education in fly fishing, adapting to changes in angler preferences and highlighting Phil Rowley’s contributions.

(0:18:43) – Timing and Presentation for Trout Fishing
Strategic timing for trout fishing in Colorado, targeting post-spawn periods, using dead drifts and matching insect hatches for success.trophy trout

(0:25:15) – Canyons and Water for Trout Fishing
Nature’s intricacies of trout habitats, behavior, and adaptation to changing conditions and angler pressures.

(0:36:25) – Angling Strategies With Leeches and Midges
Nature’s advanced angling strategies for catching elusive trout, using leech patterns and adapting presentations to conditions.

trophy trout

(0:43:17) – Delivering and Handling Leeches in Fly Fishing
Nature’s mini leech jigs, presentation and knot tying, understanding the ‘breaking point’, upcoming events, and tips for setting the hook and fighting fish.

trophy trout

(0:54:37) – Books, Fitness, and Health Tips
Nature’s literary contributions and fly fishing expertise, pursuit of trophy trout, and importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle.

landon mayer fly fishing

(1:06:22) – Staying Fit for Life
Staying fit and active allows us to continue enjoying passions like fishing, with gratitude for support and anticipation for the upcoming show season.


landon mayer fly fishing

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landon mayer fly fishing

Resources Noted in the Show

landon mayer fly fishinglandon mayer fly fishing

landon mayer fly fishing

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trophy trout

Conclusion – Trophy Trout

In this podcast, learn more about Trophy Trout with Landon Mayer!