Join us as we cast our lines into the remote and wild waters of Labrador, a treasure trove for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking the road less traveled. Our guest, Robin, takes us through the hidden allure of Labrador, contrasting it with the crowded streams of Canada and sharing the tale of how a Father’s Day gift rekindled his passion for the sport, ultimately leading him to the Three Rivers Lodge. We discuss the journey from hobbyist to lodge owner and the intricate dance of business and conservation in such a pristine environment. With tales of the lodge’s significance and the importance of maintaining its legacy, we get an insider’s look at what it means to operate a haven for anglers.

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Listen in as we reel in stories of friendships forged over the fly rod, where a simple invitation to the waters of Labrador resulted in an assembly of fishing legends like Jim Babb, John Gierach, and A.K. Best. These bonds, strengthened by the shared love of brook trout and the East Tennessee culture, are a testament to the camaraderie that the sport can foster. The conversation shifts from the sentimental to the technical as we discuss the peculiarities of fish behavior and the impact of environmental changes on the trout population, guided by years of experience and a wealth of stories from Robin’s upcoming book.

three rivers lodge

Wrap up your fishing gear and join our conversation that navigates the ebb and flow of the fishing industry, from the fly fishing shows’ evolution to the intricate techniques that make a successful catch. Our discussion is peppered with practical tips and heartfelt advice for anglers of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting your feet wet. And for those seeking more than just a catch, Robin’s anecdotes serve as a reminder of the richer experiences and knowledge that come with every cast. So, tune in, and let’s set sail for an adventure in Labrador’s untouched wilderness, where every fish tells a story.

Episode Chapters – Three Rivers Lodge

(0:00:05) – Fishing in Labrador
Rediscovering fly fishing in Labrador’s remote wilderness and the allure of Three Rivers Lodge for solitude and abundant brook trout.

three rivers lodge

(0:11:18) – Selling the Lodge
Retiring lodge owner sells business, discusses challenges and changes in leisure pursuits, wildlife patterns, and future plans on organic apple farm.

three rivers lodge

three rivers lodge

(0:26:33) – Labrador Fly Fishing & Building Friendship
Serendipitous connection between fly fishing and personal relationships, gathering of fishing legends, value of privacy and respect, struggles with quitting tobacco.

three rivers lodge

(0:35:29) – Fly Fishing and the Importance of Flies
Nature’s unpredictable fishing conditions, effective flies, and ideal fishing times in Labrador’s freestone rivers.


(0:43:47) – Brook Trout Fishing in Labrador
Nature’s fascinating world of fly fishing in high mountain lakes, including eagles’ tactics, brook trout allure, pike’s aggression, and lake trout behavior.

three rivers lodge

(0:52:13) – Fish Movement and Environmental Impact
Brook trout behaviors include complex hierarchy, long upstream journeys, resting under alders, and impact of climate change.

(1:00:13) – Fishing and Wilderness in Labrador
Nature’s balance between sport fishing and conservation in remote destinations, including cultural considerations and logistics of trips.

three rivers lodge

(1:10:45) – Fly Fishing Shows and Tips
Attending fly fishing shows for business, friendships, gear, techniques, successful flies, trip preparation, and resources.

(1:16:04) – Answering Questions and Sharing Stories
Nature’s essence of fishing is explored through storytelling, emphasizing the ease of fishing in Labrador and directing listeners to and Three River Lodge.

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three rivers lodge

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three rivers lodge

Conclusion – Three Rivers Lodge

In conclusion, our journey through Labrador’s remote waters with Robin has unveiled the hidden allure of fly fishing at Three Rivers Lodge, where personal passion seamlessly intertwines with the delicate dance of business and conservation. Beyond the mere act of casting lines, this episode illuminates the profound camaraderie among anglers, as legends like Jim Babb and John Gierach gather on Labrador’s pristine waters, weaving tales of brook trout and East Tennessee culture. Robin’s transition from hobbyist to lodge owner offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of sustaining a haven for serious anglers, while the exploration of fish behavior and environmental impacts provides practical insights for anglers of all levels. This episode serves as an invitation to wrap up your gear and set sail for an adventure in Labrador’s untouched wilderness, where every cast tells a story and the essence of fly fishing finds its purest expression at Three Rivers Lodge.