Javier Guevara is here today to break down fly fishing Ecuador with a focus on Arapaima.  Javier also noted the Galapagos fishing trips they do in the ocean and beyond.


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(Read the Full Transcript at the Bottom of this Blog Post)


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[5:12] What people fish for in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

[6:15] The best time to fish for Arapaima (Paima) in the Galápagos

[7:10] How to get to the Amazon Jungle

[13:30] Here’s a video on the life history of Arapaima:

[14:20] The predators that hunt Arapaimas

– Caymans

[14:59] How long it takes to get to the Amazon Jungle

[17:47] How to cast and what people need to be ready for 

– 25 to 30 feet


[18:22] The types of fly that works great

[19:46] The quick decision to make and what you should do when you get a bite

[21:40] Who are the guides and what are their roles

[23:30] Greg Collett was on the podcast to share his Ecuador experience

[24:02] The dangers of going into the jungle and what you need to prepare for

[26:19] How much it costs you for the whole trip with Ecuador Fly FIshing Tours (EFFT) and what are the inclusions

[28:03] Comparing Marlin and Arapaima in terms of strength

[32:03] Another amazing fish that you can catch in the lagoons 

– Arowana

[36:00] The everyday routine when you go fishing

[37:03] What the weather’s like in the jungle and how do you stay comfortable out there

[38:57] What Ecuador Fly Fishing Tours recommend before coming into the jungle

[41:49] What you should never do if you want to keep your fingers

[43:30] Where it’s prohibited to fish for Paimas

[45:28] Greg Colette and the Indie Fly helps Ecuador communities

[46:01] How deforestation and industrialization affects the fishing lagoons, jungle species, and communities in Ecuador 

[47:47] What Javier recommends for people who want to help conserve the Amazon Jungle

[48:55] How safe it is to travel to the Galápagos in terms of the Covid-19 situation

[50:01] More of the Galápagos’ amazing features and fishes

[54:06] Where Javier is now and why he’s there 

[57:25] Javier explains why fishing in Ecuador is exceptional

[59:06] What Javier and the EFFT is excited about 


You can find Javier at EcuadorFlyFishingTours.com


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below:

ecuador fly fishing


Conclusion with Javier Guavara

Javier Guavara shares the steps to getting to Ecuador to chase Arapaima, one of the largest and craziest fish in the jungle that breaths air and has bullet proof scales.  This is a great podcast if you are ready for a huge adventure!

What is the #1 trip on your bucket list right now?  Leave a comment below or send me a DM on Social Media!