Today Brian O’Keefe treats us to tales of fly fishing in Chile and New Zealand. Brian shares his recent exploits and sheds light on unique techniques and the unparalleled beauty of the Southern Hemisphere’s trout-rich landscapes.

This episode is packed with valuable insights, laughter, and a shared love for fly fishing.

Show Notes with Brian O’Keefe on Fly Fishing Chile and New Zealand. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Fly Fishing Chile

Episode Chapters with Brian O’Keefe on Fly Fishing Chile and New Zealand

01:48 – Brian shares his recent experiences working and fly fishing in New Zealand. He tells us about his visits to Cedar Lodge and Owen River Lodge. He describes the unique fishing opportunities and the beauty of the South Island.

03:20 – Brian talks about the importance of capturing the essence of new properties through photography, showcasing the landscapes, lodge facilities, and the overall fishing experience.

Owen River Lodge, South Island, NZ.
Photo via

06:35 – Brian discusses his life between the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork of the Snake River. He talks about the local fishing opportunities, the unique characteristics of the town of Rexburg, and his winter activities.

Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival

07:19 – Brian previews his presentation at the festival. He covers the fishing experiences in the Patagonia region of Chile and New Zealand.

Check out our episode with Trent Denhof and Janelle Petzak of The Bum Diary Show where they talk about their amazing DIY fly fishing trips, particularly in Argentina and New Zealand.

Fly Fishing New Zealand


10:26 –  Brian reminisces about his first fishing trip to New Zealand at the age of 19. He shares his experiences, and how they shaped his life and career in fly fishing.

13:58 – Brian explains the origin of the name ‘Eleven Angling‘ and its connection to music and exceeding expectations in the fly fishing industry.

16:02 – Brian dives into the specific fishing techniques unique to Chile and New Zealand. He also shares exciting details about streamer fishing and dry fly fishing in Chile.

20:43 – Brian provides valuable tips for travelers looking to explore the trout-rich regions of Chile and Argentina independently.

25:12 – Brian discusses the unique offerings of the Martine Pescador Lodge in Chile and the convenience of having top-notch gear provided to guests.

Fly Fishing Chile

29:50 – Brian shares his excitement for upcoming trips with notable figures in the fly fishing industry. He also talks about his participation in various fly fishing shows.

32:55 – Brian describes the unparalleled beauty and fishing opportunities at Cedar Lodge and Owen River Lodge in New Zealand.

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Fly Fishing Chile

Conclusion with Brian O’Keefe on Fly Fishing Chile and New Zealand

As we wrap up this episode, we’re left in awe of Brian’s incredible fly fishing adventures and stories. From the pristine waters of Chile and New Zealand to the heartwarming encounters with local cultures, this episode has been a testament to the passion and dedication that defines the fly fishing community. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, let this episode inspire you to explore, connect, and cherish the unforgettable moments on the water.