Justin Lovell, a resident of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, has a deep passion for both powerlifting and fly fishing. With an unwavering dedication to physical strength and a love for the peacefulness of the outdoors, he finds joy in these two diverse pursuits.

Whether he’s lifting heavy weights or casting his line into the serene waters, Justin embraces the unique blend of power and tranquility that powerlifting and fly fishing offer, making him a true adventurer at heart.


Fly Fishing Nova Scotia with Justin Lovell. Hit play below!

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Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Photo via: https://www.cbflyfishing.ca/photo-gallery
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Justin Lovell
Photo via: https://www.cbflyfishing.ca/photo-gallery

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Show Notes with Justin Lovell


00:05 – Justin shared the fly fishing opportunities in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia such as casting for Atlantic salmon in the Margaree River or targeting brook trout in secluded mountain streams.


03:23 – We talked about Justin Lovell’s social media, and you can check out his accounts here, as well as on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, and Podbean.



04:30 – Justin shared that Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia, boasts unique features such as lobster fishing, coal mining, and the Cabot Trail, making it a unique and diverse island.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Cabot Trail Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Cabot Trail
Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/



06:18 – Justin passionately highlighted the world-class fly fishing opportunities nestled along the iconic Margaree River, where anglers can pursue the thrill of catching Atlantic salmon and immerse themselves in the tranquility of Cape Breton’s landscape.


07:36 – Justin mentioned several lodges in the area, including glamping, Big Interval Lodge, Brown’s and Ross’s cabins, and various other options. He mentioned that they offer a cool spot for life purposes and can be accessed around the margarita.

Glamping Photo via: https://backroadramblers.com/glamping-in-cape-breton/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Glamping
Photo via: https://backroadramblers.com/glamping-in-cape-breton/


Brown's Cabin Photo via: http://brownssuitesandcottages.com/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Brown’s Cabin
Photo via: http://brownssuitesandcottages.com/


08:16 – Justin shared that despite the common perception of him being a dedicated salmon angler, he actually prefers fishing for brook trout. He humorously mentioned that he’s known for his passion for dry fly fishing, which leads to playful teasing from his friends who favor streamers. He emphasized his preference for catching numerous small trout on dry flies over targeting one big brook trout using streamer patterns. Justin clarified that he doesn’t dislike streamers but has a genuine love for the art of dry fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Brook Trout Fish
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Brook Trout Fish


10:45 – Justin shared that Bras d’Or Lakes offer a unique fishing opportunity with a variety of fish, including striped bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, Brook trout, perch, flatfish, and mackerel. This unique fishing opportunity provides a diverse range of fish for those seeking a unique fishing experience.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/tourist-attractions/bras-dor-lake-biosphere/#modal-The%20Bras%20d'Or%20Lake
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Bras dor Lake
Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/tourist-attractions/bras-dor-lake-biosphere/#modal-The%20Bras%20d’Or%20Lake


11:45 – Justin, a weightlifter, had no outdoor experience until 27 years ago when he fell during a squat and crushed his lower back. He tried to fly fishing at home but was criticized for breaking threads. He eventually bought a fly rod and went out, but accidentally got the hook stuck in his ear. Justin advises others to take time to learn and improve their skills.

12:56 – Jusin learned fly fishing by going with older guys and learning from their experiences. He found some information correct and others wrong, but as he progressed, he began listening to podcasts and other tips to identify areas for improvement.

13:34 – Justin advises beginners to initially learn fly fishing independently, focusing on casting and mastering essential skills like fly line tying, backing attachment, and leader connection. He simplifies casting techniques, underscores the significance of proper methods and gear, and offers guidance to enhance skills and enjoyment in fishing.


14:22 – After three years of starting fly fishing, Justin embraced the guiding principle for learning, recognizing the importance of opportunities. He was open about his limitations and began guiding advanced individuals, forming close friendships, and gaining insights from clients. Over time, he contemplated sharing his guiding expertise through teaching.

16:43 – Justin mentions the North River and Baddeck River, which hold salmon, and Bras d’Or Lakes occasionally receive a run of salmon.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/businesses/north-river-provincial-park/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – North River
Photo via: https://www.cbisland.com/businesses/north-river-provincial-park/


Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Baddeck RiverPhoto via: https://mapcarta.com/24124002
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Baddeck River
Photo via: https://mapcarta.com/24124002


18:38 – Justin mentioned Cape Breton’s numerous fishing spots, including the Cabot trail, which boasts massive Brook Trout. He emphasized the importance of visiting for daybreak, as it is a challenging hike. The area is worth the effort, as it offers numerous opportunities for fishing.

20:11 – We discussed a mixed topic, focusing on Brook Trout. When planning a trip, Justin recommends targeting late May to early June for prime fishing, especially for large Brook Trout. However, July to September offers dry fly fishing, with some variability due to weather conditions.

24:33 – Justin shifted away from Salmon Fishing, barely guiding for them last year and not at all this year. Surprisingly, this year has witnessed the highest fish catch in the last four years, with people landing up to four fish a day, a significant improvement compared to the usual one or none.

27:32 – Justin used to prepare a list of questions for his podcast interviews, but he now takes a more spontaneous approach. He aims to understand the interviewee’s fishing style and personality better, leading to unexpected and intriguing conversations. As an example, during an episode with Kelly Galloup, Justin uncovered that Kelly had a background as a bodybuilder, surprising many listeners.

31:22 – As Justin delves deeper into podcasting, he’s realizing the increasing demands and responsibilities. He acknowledges the positive results but acknowledges the need for better balance. To streamline his process, he plans to schedule podcast uploads in advance, allowing for automation and reducing last-minute efforts.

32:51 – Last year, Justin launched a TV show during a scorching summer. This year, the filming team and Justin are learning fly fishing content, capturing moments in rivers and lakes. They feature Brook Trout, a potential salmon show, and stripers.

34:59 – Justin remarked on his impressive growth over the past couple of years, recognizing the transformation from earlier episodes to his current state. Despite a busy schedule encompassing guiding, healthcare work, a TV show, podcasting, and single parenthood, he remains grateful for the opportunities. He also expresses gratitude for the camera crew who enhance his image on the screen.

35:50 – Our fishing season typically ends in October and begins again in May, with our latest shows featuring River Denny’s and the recent Mull River episode. There’s more exciting content to come, including episodes on the Middle River and Margaree, all packed with action. You can check more here.


36:34 – We discussed the differences between the TV show and the podcast, particularly in terms of feedback and enjoyment. Justin finds both mediums enjoyable and receives positive feedback for both. While some opinions may vary, he values and respects diverse perspectives. Overall, the experience has been positive, with a focus on helping and supporting others through the show by featuring fishing events and fly tying.

38:45 – Justin suggests targeting May or early June for Brook Trout fishing. Fly fishing is the general approach, but tactics can vary based on weather conditions. Justin provides necessary supplies and adapts fly selection based on the year’s conditions. Options include dry flies, streamers like muddler minnows, Mickey fins, stone flies, nims, queen of the water, and wet flies.

41:35 – Justin, with nine years of experience, aims to promote his unique fishing method in local rivers and lakes. He offers clients the opportunity to fish for farm-raised Rainbows, acknowledging their origin but emphasizing the enjoyable experience. Clients often prioritize the experience over the fish’s nature.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Brook TroutPhoto via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Brook Trout
Photo via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm
Fly Fishig Nova Scotia - Farm Rainbow TroutPhoto via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Farm Rainbow Trout
Photo via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - SteelheadPhoto via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Steelhead
Photo via: https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/aquaculture/sector-secteur/species-especes/trout-truite-eng.htm

42:17 – The conversation discussed fishing and guiding, emphasizing the importance of hiring a guide for unfamiliar spots. It discussed meeting spots like renting a car, staying at a lodge, or exploring towns like Margaree or Bedak. Justin highlighted flexibility in meeting arrangements and discussed Brook Trout and Salmon fishing opportunities.

44:42 – We discussed the Margaree River’s reputation as a famous destination for Atlantic Salmon fishing. Notably, Topher Browne, an expert in Atlantic Salmon and Spey casting, highlighted the river’s appeal as he traveled across North America. The Margaree River is renowned for its status as a prime location for Atlantic Salmon fishing.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Topher BrownePhoto via: https://wetflyswing.com/fly-fishing-for-atlantic-salmon-with-topher-browne-casting-tips-swinging-flies-arthur-wood/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Topher Browne
Photo via: https://wetflyswing.com/fly-fishing-for-atlantic-salmon-with-topher-browne-casting-tips-swinging-flies-arthur-wood/

45:02 – We discussed the fame of the Margaree River for Atlantic Salmon fishing, with notable anglers like Lee Wolf and John Casamento having fished there. The Margaree is renowned within the Atlantic Salmon community, along with other rivers like the Baddeck River and North River. When thinking of Atlantic Salmon fishing, the Margaree River in Cape Breton stands out as a significant and well-known location for this type of angling.

47:46 – When heading to the Margaree River, Justin suggests getting information through a DIY approach or consulting a local guide like the Tying Scotsman. Engaging with locals who know the area well, such as the Tying Scotsman, can provide valuable guidance for planning your trip, whether you’re considering DIY fishing or seeking expert advice.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - The Tying ScotsmanPhoto via: https://thetyingscotsman.ca/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – The Tying Scotsman
Photo via: https://thetyingscotsman.ca/

49:46 – Justin described a scenic drive through a national park that takes around six hours, offering constantly changing and captivating views at every turn. The park’s designation as a national park could be attributed to its abundant wildlife and diverse forest ecosystems. Situated at Cape Breton’s northern tip, it is mostly surrounded by the ocean, adding to its unique allure.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - National ParkPhoto via: https://www.novascotia.com/see-do/attractions/cape-breton-highlands-national-park/1565
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – National Park
Photo via: https://www.novascotia.com/see-do/attractions/cape-breton-highlands-national-park/1565

50:58 – Justin explained that his fishing journey started on a lake, where he studied and honed his skills. Over the past three years, he has transitioned to river fishing and developed a strong affinity for it. He now finds more enjoyment in catching numerous small Brook Trout in rivers than landing a single massive one. He values the experience and even regrets not having a GoPro to capture his past big catches.

52:49 – Justin found his podcasting journey fulfilling, despite doubts about its continuation. He rekindled enthusiasm and invested in equipment to improve his setup. He stressed the importance of creating a strong first impression to capture and retain listeners’ attention.

55:18 – Justin and I collaborated on a previous episode. If you’re interested in watching it, here’s the link provided.

56:26 – Justin has interviewed various notable guests on his podcast, including Brian Chan, Brian Wise, Jim Zu, and Kelly Gallup. He values each episode for the unique learning experiences they offer, whether it’s about fishing, fly tying, or podcast editing. He appreciates the insights gained from all his guests.

57:57 – Justin discussed his tech setup for podcasting, highlighting the use of the Rodecaster Pro, a versatile device that allows him to connect phone calls and computer audio. Initially, he used Zoom for audio only but later incorporated video by connecting his phone to the Rodecaster and saving recordings on an SSD card. He clarified that he communicates through his mic to the phone or Rodecaster, while his guests hear him through the phone or vice versa.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Rodecaster Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm1NuRbulYG/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Rodecaster
Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm1NuRbulYG/

58:30 – Justin transitioned to video podcasting using E-mix, Adobe Audition, and a program that matches sound to industry-standard -16 for both himself and guests. He improved audio quality by addressing echo issues and ensuring consistent sound levels throughout the podcast.

01:01:29 – Justin appreciates Seesaw Communications’ cameraman for his expertise in video production, recognizing his assistance in technical challenges and teaching valuable skills. He reflects on past videos and recognizes improvements in content and production quality over time.

01:02:34 – Justin mentioned his social media presence, highlighting that while he has a Facebook page for CB Fly Fishing, he’s primarily focusing on Instagram as it appears to be a more effective platform. He invites people to follow him on Instagram to see his fly fishing content.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - CB Fly Fishing IGPhoto via: CB Fly Fishing IG
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – CB Fly Fishing IG
Photo via: CB Fly Fishing IG

01:03:51 – Justin expressed gratitude to Jason, Brandon, and Mark, who have supported him through positive and negative feedback. He appreciates the opportunity to discuss his growth and improvement and is excited about the conversation.

1:05:11 – Justin is open about not knowing everything and admits he might not have all the answers. He enjoys engaging with others and discussing fishing topics, even if he doesn’t have all the information. His passion for fishing is evident, and he finds joy in introducing newcomers and witnessing their successes.

1:07:31 – Justin anticipates a smooth continuation of his fishing endeavors, including guiding, fly tying, podcasts, and TV shows, as they enter the fall season. He acknowledges the challenges but remains motivated to pursue his passions. His ultimate goal is to fully commit to his fishing ventures and transition away from his day job.

1:07:54 – Justin discussed his admiration for healthcare professionals and the challenging nature of their work. He acknowledged the emotional weight of being in an environment where people are dying and emphasized the difficulty healthcare workers face.

1:08:31 – Justin discussed his back issues and the worsening condition that has led him to consider surgery. He mentioned the persistent pain and discomfort he experiences, even affecting his sleep. Despite enduring the pain without medication, he acknowledges the need to address the issue and is hopeful about potential solutions.

1:10:54 – Justin is dedicated to fly fishing and podcasting, adapting to changing times, and now offering video podcasts. His website, cbflyfishing.ca, connects with his work.

1:11:31 – Justin expresses gratitude for sharing his journey and insights during conversations.

1:11:35 – A photo of Justin during his weightlifting days was shared during the conversation.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Justin Lovell Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5P9ekhBn34/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Justin Lovell
Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5P9ekhBn34/


You can find Justin Lovell here @cbflyfishing

Facebook Cb fly fishing

Youtube Cbflyfishing Justin

Website cbflyfishing.ca

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Cb Fly Fishing Logo
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Cb Fly Fishing Logo


Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Resources Noted in the Show

“Tying Scotsman,” who provides valuable information and tips about fishing spots in the area.

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Tying ScotsmanPhoto via: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJA6b0aAMlF/
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Tying Scotsman
Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJA6b0aAMlF/

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Videos Noted in the Show

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Fly Fishing Nova Scotia - Justin Lovell
Fly Fishing Nova Scotia – Justin Lovell

Fly Fishing Nova Scotia Conclusion with Justin Lovell

In conclusion, Justin Lovell’s passion for fly fishing in Nova Scotia shines through his engaging podcast and videos. He not only shares valuable insights, tips, and experiences from his local fishing adventures but also connects with fellow anglers. Through discussing techniques and equipment, Justin demonstrates his dedication to the sport and his eagerness to disseminate knowledge. As a valuable resource for beginners and seasoned fly fishermen alike, he contributes to the vibrant Nova Scotia fly fishing community. His content, encompassing exploration of scenic rivers, insights into fly patterns, and revelations about fishing spots, offers an informative and enriching perspective.