Today we explore the extraordinary life of Zane Grey, a literary giant whose legacy resonates to this day. In this episode, we’ll unravel Grey’s passion for fly fishing, his iconic works, and his intriguing lifestyle.

Ed Meyer, Archivist at ZGWS, who was once the Vice-President, shares his insider perspective on Grey’s journey. Our exploration continues through Grey’s fishing escapades on the Rouge and the Umpqua Rivers with his brother R.C., shaping his love for the outdoors. The ZGWS Archives offer a glimpse into Grey’s fly fishing odyssey, highlighted by works like “Rogue River Feud” and “Tales of Freshwater Fishing,” which immortalize his adventures.

Zane Grey Books with Ed Meyer. Hit play below!

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Moving beyond his novels, Grey’s prowess in outdoor articles comes to the fore. We also venture into the dynamic friendship between Grey and Ernest Hemingway, unpacking their differing writing styles and vices.

Discover Grey’s literary gems, from “Riders of the Purple Sage” to “The Vanishing American,” each a testament to his enduring impact. Join us as we journey through the pages of history, revealing hidden anecdotes like Dolly’s secret savings that led to the founding of Zane Grey Inc. As we immerse ourselves in Grey’s world, the past and present intertwine, painting a vivid portrait of a remarkable man.

zane grey

Show Notes with Ed Meyer on Zane Grey Books

04:00 – Ed is the Archivist at ZGWS. He used to be the Vice-President.

04:30 – Zane Grey is one of the biggest authors in the world. We hear the story of how Zane Grey got into fly fishing.

zane grey

08:55 – Zane Grey passed away in 1939.

10:20 – We talk about how Zane used to fish the Rouge and the Umpqua Rivers with his brother R.C.

11:40 – Ed noted the page at ZGWS Archives dedicated to Zane Grey’s fly fishing history.


12:50 – Ed noted the books, Rogue River Feud and Tales of Freshwater Fishing

zane grey books zane grey books

14:00 – Aside from novels, Zane Grey’s biggest success initially were magazines around the country. He wrote articles about the outdoors.

15:00 – Ed noted ZG’s most famous book and movie, Riders of the Purple Sage.

zane grey books

20:10 – Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon was a fact-based novel.

zane grey books

26:50 – Ed talks about Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway’s friendship. He also talks about their difference in writing style. Ed noted the novel, The Old Man in the Sea which is believed to have been inspired by Zane’s actual fishing adventures.

zane grey

43:40 – Grey’s most famous book about Native Americans is The Vanishing American.

zane grey books

50:20 – The book that made Grey first famous was The Heritage of the Desert.

zane grey books

50:30 – Ed also noted The Rainbow Trail which was about Rainbow Bridge.

zane grey books

56:00 – Ed tells the story of how Dolly saved up money without Zane knowing about it.

zane grey

1:00:20 – Ed tells the story of when Grey had a stroke on the Umpqua River.

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Dig into more of Grey’s story on Zane Grey West Society Archives

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Conclusion with Ed Meyer on Zane Grey Books

Our exploration of Zane Grey’s remarkable life reveals a multifaceted journey that has left an enduring impact on literature and outdoor enthusiasts. From his deep love for fly fishing to his iconic literary works, Grey’s legacy is a testament to his connection with the natural world. Through insights from Ed Meyer, we witness the roots of his passion for the outdoors. Grey’s literary contributions extend beyond novels, showcasing his ability to capture nature’s beauty in his outdoor articles.

From “Riders of the Purple Sage” to “The Vanishing American,” Grey’s works remain powerful reflections of his storytelling prowess. Uncovering hidden anecdotes like Dolly’s role in founding Zane Grey Inc. adds a layer of intrigue to his legacy. Grey’s life and legacy continue to bridge the past and present, reminding us of the importance of embracing our passions and appreciating nature’s wonders. This exploration not only celebrates Zane Grey’s extraordinary life but also underscores the timeless influence of literature on human connection and experience.