We dive into Blue Water fly fishing and get into the history of steelhead in this amazing show.  In this episode 006 of the Fly Fishing Show I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the biggest people in the history of steelhead fly fishing, Trey Combs.

Trey wrote one of the early books on the history of steelhead fishing and flies and has done a lot of other amazing stuff in his fly fishing career that we cover today.

We get into a bunch of big topics including the issues with the Thompson River steelhead decline, talk about his mentors, discuss steelhead fly fishing history, two handed rods plus some of his new fly patterns.


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Show Notes with Trey Combs

If you would like to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide that lists some of the best tips from my guests click on the button below:

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You can reach Trey by email here:  trey.combs1897@pt-mail.net or by phone at: 509-369-1025.


I wanted to give a big thanks to Trey for coming on the show today.  We covered a lot of great information but have a lot more to get into next time.

Trey gave us something that steelhead fly fishing didn’t have before his work.  He put it on the books, literally, and help launch it out for many new passionate fly fishers to come.

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