Unlock the secrets of fly fishing in the untouched waters of Northern British Columbia with our guest, Daniel Schildknecht, owner of Northern Rockies Lodge, who shares a treasure trove of knowledge, from preparations for the fishing season to detailed accounts of conservation efforts. Immerse yourself in tales of the vast wilderness that’s home to flourishing populations of rainbow trout and Arctic Grayling, all accessible from the cozy confines of our family-owned lodge. We delve into the heart of the season’s potential, examining the effects of snow conditions on spring runoff and the ensuing strategies for the best angling experiences.

Show Notes with Daniel Schildknecht – NR Adventures. Hit play below! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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Experience the allure of personalized fishing expeditions, where the thrill of the catch is just the beginning. We chat about the unique blend of intimacy and adventure that comes with a stay at our lodge, where floatplanes expand the realm of possibility and every angler’s dream is within reach. From warming up with abundant smaller catches to strategic pursuits of trophy fish, each guest’s journey is curated to their preferences, creating memories like Brandon Morrison’s that resonate long after the trip ends.

northern rockies adventures

As we wrap up this episode, we extend an invitation to discover the broader charms of our northern Rockies retreat. Beyond the adrenaline of the catch, our lodge offers a mosaic of activities ranging from wildlife viewing to culinary delights that embody our heritage. We also tease the prospects of untapped fishing adventures, like those in Peru, and encourage listeners to keep the cherished tradition of fishing alive. For those itching to cast their lines into wild, unexplored waters, Daniel points you to NRAdventures.com to begin crafting your unforgettable expedition.

Episode Chapters –ย NR Adventures

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing in Northern British Columbia
Daniel updates on fishing prep, snow conditions, and the draw of Northern BC for fly fishermen.

northern rockies adventures

northern rockies adventures
Photo Courtesy of @petebowman_fishing

(0:12:21) – Fishing Lodge Custom Trip Flexibility
Nature’s exclusive, personalized fishing trips with flexible dates and abundant catches, utilizing floatplanes for mobility and targeting trophy fish and other species.

northern rockies adventures

northern rockies adventures

(0:17:46) – Fishing Lodge in Northern BC
Nature’s diverse fly fishing experiences in remote BC lodge, targeting rainbows, pike, and elusive bull trout, tailored to guest expectations and seasonal dynamics.

northern rockies adventures

(0:23:18) – Northern Rockies Adventures
Nature’s beauty and family-friendly activities at a remote lodge in the northern Rockies, including mountain biking, ATV trips, and Northern Lights tour.


northern rockies adventures

(0:30:15) – Float Plane Takeoff and Landing
Nature’s unique experience of flying float planes, from takeoff and landing on water to the joy of piloting in the Rockies.

northern rockies adventures

northern rockies adventures

(0:42:07) – Conservation and Cuisine in Northern Canada
Nature’s culinary experiences, traditional dishes, international influences, alternative activities, conservation, and personalized immersion at a fishing lodge.

northern rockies adventures

(0:48:34) – Planning a Fly Fishing Trip
Nature’s prime time for pike fishing in August, techniques for still water fishing, fly-out options, and diverse activities at the lodge.

northern rockies adventures
Photo Courtesy of @petebowman_fishing

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northern rockies adventures

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northern rockies adventures

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Conclusion – NR Aventures

Our journey through the pristine waters of Northern British Columbia, guided by the expertise of Daniel, has illuminated not just the artistry of fly fishing but also the profound connection between nature, conservation, and personal adventure. From the meticulous preparations for the fishing season to the intimate accounts of conservation efforts, Daniel has unveiled a world where the thrill of the catch intertwines with the reverence for the wilderness. As we reflect on the personalized expeditions and the mosaic of activities offered by our family-owned lodge, we’re reminded of the transformative power of nature and the lasting memories forged amidst its splendor. Beyond the boundaries of Northern BC, we extend an invitation to explore the broader charms of our retreat and to keep the cherished tradition of fishing alive in all its forms. With the promise of untapped adventures awaiting, we encourage listeners to embark on their own journey into the wild, perhaps starting with NRAdventures.com, where every cast holds the potential for an unforgettable experience.