Why should Wet Fly Swing be one of your main online resources for steelhead fly fishing?

Let me take you on a journey to clarify and answer that question.

I understand how difficult steelhead fly fishing can be. I’ve been there. On the super hot side and super cold side of steelheading. You will better understand the mindset by connecting with me and wetflyswing.com.

You will get a feel for the passion that comes with steelhead fishing. The passion and persistence needed to stick with it, even when there are long periods of fishlessness (yes – that’s a word). You will also get a feel for the sheer power of hooking into a super steelhead.

Yes, I said it. Super! Just like Superman. When you get a run and acrobatic display of a steelhead, you will understand.

I have swung flies as often as I have nymphed for steelhead. Both are great and both are challenging.

There are a bunch of tips and techniques that you’ll discover as you dig into the site.

You are getting me. For better or worse. If you don’t like my writing style, let me know here. If you want more information on a topic, send a message here. If you are tired of the content I’m delivering, I would love to hear from you here.

You are getting my full will and determination to make sure you hook a steelhead. Whether it’s your 1st, 100th or 1000th steelhead, I would like to connect with you. For better or worse, I’m completely addicted to both steelhead fishing and online business. Sounds a little weird, right?

This site is about creating VALUE FOR YOU!

You will find out what makes for a successful outing. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that you are guaranteed fish if you connect with me and the community here. I will guarantee that you will learn things and see the outdoor environment in a different way after reading and connecting with me.

The human interaction is what it’s all about and what I love. It’s funny to say that as I sit here and write to some person who isn’t actually in front of me. You. Yes, you are the person I need to connect with. If you have a chance, take 30 seconds out of your day and click this link. When you do, just leave the name of your state or country in the subject line.

I ask a lot of questions, because it’s one great way to go above and beyond and connect within the virtual world. I hope to meet you in person and share a steelhead run someday. but, until then, this is our medium. Our format for connecting. My method to provide value for you.

Let’s go chase some steelhead.  What do you think? Click on the link below if you want to see some of the great content from me and the wet fly swing community.



    • Much appreciated! I am just getting started. The new fly tying course and podcast with experts in fly fishing are both going to bring a whole new chunk of value. I will continue to blog, but am really excited about audio and video for 2015. Check out my intro video coming out later this week to get a feel for what I have going.