Brian O’Keefe is on the podcast today to share some stories from a life of fly fishing and traveling.  We go into some Alaskan DIY tips, a place he’s been to over 50 times.

We talk about what it has been like with a life of fly fishing, how he managed to travel around New Zealand at 19 and how to grab a deadliest catch boat to hit some new waters in Alaska.


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Show Notes with Brian Okeefe

06:15 – I noted the Joe Brooks episode and his story from living on the streets to teaching fly fishing.  Joe coined the phrase blue ribbon trout stream.

13:10 – Dennis Black of Umpqua Feather Merchants was one of Brian’s early influencers.

31:50 – Wood-TikChik is a great area to get in some canoeing trips.

40:50 – Brian helped to create Catch Magazine with Todd Moen in 2008.

47:00 – Catch Magazine has a few videos over 2 million views which is crazy.  Here’s one of them on the salmon fly hatch.

47:20 – Brian was on the Orvis Podcast where he discussed some great photo tips.

59:59 – Here’s a link to the most popular photo Brian took with an underwater camera.

1:04:01 – The Olympus Tough camera is Brian’s goto underwater camera for quick pics.

1:05:10 – Brian notes that everyone should take a few minutes to head over to Keep Em and read the tips on protecting fish.

1:12:40 – The Morrish Mouse and Mr. Hanky are two goto flies for Brian

1:18:40 – We talk about the Arnold Palmer and the Shiner Beer.

1:20:10 –  The BoDeans, Johnny and Merle Haggard are all favorites for Brian.


1:23:40 – The Howler Brothers

1:27:40 –  Eleven Experience in the company that Brian is working with now.  Brian is helping them build the company.

1:29:40 – Jeff Currier was on the show in episode 65 and noted how he loves his home time as well.


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Videos Noted in the Show


The BoDeans


Resources Noted in the Show

The Olympus Tough Camera

olympus tough

brian okeefe
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Conclusion with Brian O’keefe

Brian shares some great Alaska tips from his over 50 trips up north.  We also get into his background and here how he came to be one of the most travelled fly fishers, hitting fish all over the globe.