I have a Free fly tying webinar that I am launching and sharing if you are interested in improving your fly tying game.  The first webinar will be for those just getting started or brand new to fly tying.

Click on the link below to join the Free Fly Tying Webinar.  I’ll cover all of the steps to find materials and tools, provide a bunch of tips throughout and connect you with resources to tie some great flies.

Click here ===>> Free Fly Tying Webinar

fly tying webinar


I will cover topics like how to find materials, how to decide what to tie, how to keep good proportions of your fly, how to not crowd the eye of the hook and more.

I will provide some tips on dubbing and spinning deer hair along with additional tips on finding groups and other resources to help you to go all in on it.

I have been teaching fly tying since I was a youngster in my father’s fly shop and have since moved this vast experience into an online environment to help you.,

Click the social media icons below and ask me any questions you might have.

fly tying webinar