Scott Meter and Steve Borst from Black Dog Outdoor Sports are here to take us into the Delaware River system. We find out a little more about the history of the Catskills and this part of the country, which streamside guide is a must-have, and what their remote deer camp cabin is all about. We find out what’s the best time to fish the Delaware River and the different hatches you can take advantage of.

We also talk about what they have going at the shop and how they can get you started with almost any outdoor activity you want to explore. Here we go!

Delaware River Fly Fishing with Black Dog Outdoor Sports. Hit play below!

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delaware river fly fishing

Show Notes with Black Dog Outdoor Sports

06:00 – Steve tells us how the shop got started. Now they got lots of different outdoor equipment such as hunting, camping, paddling, fly fishing, etc.

delaware river fly fishing

11:00 – Steve fishes the Catskills 90% of the time. We also hear about the other streams they fish on.

15:20 – “Roscoe, New York is self-proclaimed trout town USA.”

20:20 – May is the best time to fish in New York. You get a lot of hatches such as the Quill Gordons, Hendrickson, Caddis, March Browns, etc.

21:45 – They also have October Caddis which are huge Caddis, size 6 to 10 inches.

26:30 – We talk about the book, Art Flick by Roger Keckeissen – a Catskill Legend.


33:00 – We noted Lee and Joan Wulff. We had Joan Wulff on the podcast at WFS 100.

36:54 – The Pepacton Reservoir has one of the cleanest water in the country.

44:05 – Steve tells the story of how rainbow trout got in the Delaware River.

46:54 – They talk about the fly shop and what they have there.

51:30 – We noted the Kenetrek Boots which are very durable. They got some in the shop.

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59:15 – Steve is an active member of Ducks Unlimited. 

1:07:00 – We talk about their dogs and find out how they came up with their shop name.

1:11:45 – Shout out to for being a reliable tool outdoors.

1:14:16 – Steve uses a 280 Remington Bolt Action Left-handed Mountain Rifle.

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1:15:25 – Scott recommends a 10-foot, 3-wt Sage Sense fly rod for Euro nymphing.

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You can find Black Dog Outdoor Sports on Instagram @blackdogoutdoorsports

Visit their website at Black Dog Outdoor Sports

Delaware river fly fishing


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