I connected with Curtis Fry from Fly Fish Food.  We talked about the Provo River, their connection to Hareline and Wapsi and some huge tips on tying dry flies and Food for Fish.

We get into some of the background on the great quality of fly tying materials we have today including dry fly hackles.  The Morrish Mouse, the Fripple Fly, Ants and hoppers are all covered in todays episode.


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Show Notes with Curtis Fry

04:50 – Curtis used to write for the Salt Lake Tribune with The Fly of the Week.  Here’s a link to a old post from Curtis.

08:15 – They have worked with Hareline, Natures Spirit and Wapsi over the years to produce specific branded lines of materials.

13:20 – Curtis fishes the Provo River and focuses on dry fly fishing in the summer.

14:00 –  Lance Egan’s The Bionic Ant and an Palomino Caddis variation are some of his favorite dries.  You can find tying tutorials for each of these patterns at the links above.

14:12 – The Fly Craft boat is the goto craft for the Provo River.

22:40 – Jay Nicholas was on the show in episode 3 and noted that it’s important to try new variations.

24:15 – Tom Whiting produces some of the best hackles in the business.

25:30 – We talked about the Fripple Fly.

26:00 – Rick Hafele was on in episode 37 where we touched on tying with UV.

29:05 – Here’s the Whiting Farms video that I noted where Curtis took us on a little tour.



34:30 – I noted the Lego Fly which was one of their most popular videos for a long time.

35:45 – I noted the Dinosaur coffee table book that was put together by a couple and is hilarious.

41:00 – We talked about fly tying videos in the first person or second person.  Here’s what it looks like from Tightlines video from the first person perspective.

46:15 – The Morrish Mouse video


55:05 – Curtis noted that Western Mayfly Hatches is a great book if you are interested into digging into dry flies and entomology more.

57:20 – Ak Best was a mentor for Curtis.  Here is a link to an hour long interview with AK from MSU.


You can reach Curtis Fry at FlyFishFood.com on Instagram here or at Fly Tying with Uncle Cheech on Facebook.


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Click on the video below to listen to AK Best:

ak best


The Bionic Ant

fly fish food



Fly Fish Food Tips, Tools and Resources for Dry Fly Tying

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Fly Fish Food Conclusion with Curtis Fry

Curtis shared some great tips and resources from the Fly Fish Food perspective.  They are connected closely with many of the big fly tying companies around and provide a bunch of great online fly tying tutorials.


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