Kevin Morlock breaks down carp fly fishing in the Beaver Island Lake area.  Lots of great tips for carp fishing regardless of your area including how to deal with the wind, why a loop not is key and why carp hate the plop.

Carp fishing in this area is every bit of the flats fishing experience and cast for cast better than permit.  We talk about the gear you need to get started and why you might have a chance for a 35 pounder.


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Show Notes with Kevin Morlock

06:40 – The Orvis shop in Baldwin was one of the first shops that Kevin worked out of and helped him to get his start in the business.

30:20 – Kevin describes the difference between mudding and tailing carp.

41:00 – We hear about the analogy between water temperature for carp and air temperature for humans.  How would you do without a shirt in 40 degree temps.

41:50 – The Carp Are Gamefish by George Von Shrader is a great resource if you can get your hands on it.

43:20 – Kirk Deeter – The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp is another great resource.

45:30 – We talk about Fly and the importance of mentors.  Kevin lists a few additional people here.

47:20 – Spey Rod Outfitter and Guide Service – Walt Grau is a good friend of Kevin’s and guides for salmon and steelhead.

50:10 – The Goby fly patterns are the best for Carp.  You can find the pattern in the fly section.  The carp breakfast is a goto fly as well.  All of these are focused for northern great lakes.

53:10 – You can check out a few other of Morlock’s pattern here.

1:02:20 – Flip Pallott was on the podcast in this episode 70 where he talked about Hells Bay Boats.  Kevin’s boat of choice is a little different and talks about how he uses his and the effect of wind.

1:05:18 – has some great information with years of great information.

1:07:00 – Steve Martinez is another guide Kevin works with down south.  They’ll be guiding again this year for redfish and Kevin notes that carp skills transfer over perfectly for redfish.


1:08:57 – Here is one of our past redfish episodes with Paul Puckett.

1:09:30 – I note John McCloskey and the Alaska and Georgia mix.  John was on in episode 89 and broke down trout spey.


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Fly Fishing for Carp Resources Noted in the Show

Carp are Gamefish by George Von Schrader

Carp are Gamefish


Videos with Kevin Morlock

Amazing Fly Fishing Carp Action!


 Morlock’s Carp Breakfast

fly fishing for carp

Fly Fishing for Carp Conclusion with Kevin Morlock

Kevin Morlock from Indigo Guide Service goes deep into fly fishing for carp with a focus on Beaver Island Lake.  Find out when to go for them and what a spawning carp looks like.  Crystal clear water takes much of the guess work out of it.

Find out which boat Kevin uses and which 4 fly rods he always has on the boat.