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Hank Patterson is on the show to go deep on how he became the Greatest Fly Fishing Guide on the planet.  We talk about his tips for dealing with bears, bug sex and his best fishing tips.

Hank describes what his live shows are like and how he connects with the audience.  He talks about upcoming videos and movies this year along with his take on conservation.


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Show Notes with Hank Patterson Fly Fishing

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04:00 – The GodFather is one of the greatest films of all time and how Hank justifies some of the haters out there.

11:20 – Hank talks about dealing with a Grizzly Bear in this video.  

16:55 – We talk about Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show and how comedy doesn’t always last over time.

20:45 – Hank and the Bait Fishers is by far the most popular Hank Patterson videos.  And it’s not even close.

26:35 – Hank Patterson 8 Steps to Better Nymphing and the video with the 9 year old girl.  This was also the first episode without Reeece.

30:07 – Peyton Manning teaching kids to play football on Saturday Night Live.  Travis thought this sketch was genius and similar to his 8 steps video.


32:10 – The Yellowstone video that has a ton of bad language and lots of bleeps.  Travis thinks the bleeeping is pretty funny.  Stay the F*#@!ck away from these wild animals.

37:10 – Elliott Adler from the DrakeCast had an opinion on Euro Nymphing in episode 54.  Click here to listen to this episode and find out why he was so against it.

52:00 – Here’s an early episode with Reece about the midge morgy.  Reece wasn’t totally into this at the start but went with it.

58:00 – Reel Recovery takes men with cancer on fly fishing retreats.  It’s a national organization and Travis is on the board.

59:50 – Check out Hank’s new movie which is on Amazon Prime.  Here is the trailer: Camp Hawgadawgadaa Trailer.


You can find Hank at HankPatterson.com or on Instagram here.




hank patterson
“paralyzer to the Chode”


Conclusion with Hank Patterson Fly Fishing

Hank shares some of his favorite clips from his youtube channel along with a little bit on why he does what he does.  We get a perspective on what it takes to be the greatest fly fishing guide in the world.

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