I had the pleasure of talking with George Daniel on his teaching philosophy, guiding, Joe Humphries and a number of other great topics including fishing Musky.

We talk about competition fly fishing, journaling, his blogging and his plans for the upcoming years.  George tells a great story about the angling professors at Penn State and how it is a position that he would likely be interested in if it became available.


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Show Notes with George Daniel

07:50 – I note the Frank Moore podcast I put together recently and the impact of some or our living legends.

08:50 – Joe Humphries is a mentor for George and many anglers around the country.  Here is the new film about Joe.

11:55 – Devin Olsen was on the podcast and covered Euro Nymphing in depth.

13:40 – I interviewed John Gierach in episode 47.  We talked about his writing process in depth.

15:35 – John Wooden was a mentor for many around the world including me.  He was one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time.

24:10 – George recommends tenkara for anyone interested in getting started.

34:00 – Musky is his passion now especially while the spawn is occurring for trout.  Blane Chocklett is noted as a big musky name.

42:30 – Paul Weemer wrote The Bug book and is a great book on breaking down entomology to its basic level.

52:20 – Blane Chocklett, Joe Goodspeed on instagram @teeth_and_trout. Joe ties the mop head and other killer patterns.

1:14:30 – The Orvis Learning Center is noted as a great resource for beginners and advanced anglers alike.


I also wanted to pay tribute to a podcast I did with Gary Borger, one of the people who invented nymphing for trout as we know it today.

You can reach George at Livinonthefly.com.


Resources Noted in the Show

dynamic nymphing

Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel


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george daniel


Conclusion with George Daniel

It was cool to hear George talk about Joe Humphries, some of his other mentors and the tips and resources he shared in this episode.  Please leave a comment below if you have any feedback for this episode.

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  1. Thanks for this great podcast. I very appreciate of fly shops like this who seek to provide angler education and help anglers of all experience levels. I’d like to add something what George Daniels said about being a well-rounded angler, and musky fishing. I live in Minnesota, and we have a great abundance of freshwater opportunities from trout to Great Lakes steelhead to musky. Being able to pursue a variety of species beyond trout has much crossover, both for fishing trout and to the saltwater as well, and really valuable to improving all areas of fly fishing from casting, to line management to fly tying. I must disagree on one point though, Musky fishing in the South isn’t really that great, though it gets all the press in the fly fishing world. Minnesota and Wisconsin are easily the best places for musky fishing and quite easy to catch on foot from the shore.

    • Thanks for the great comment David. I am starting to put together the next season for the podcast and have landed on Minnesota Musky fishing as a topic for a podcast. Please let me know if you know of an expert up there that could cover this topic. I’d love to get them on the show to dig into it. Thanks again for taking the time to check in here.