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I talked to Justin Spence about traveling and fishing Argentina and tips to DIY your way down there.  Justin has travelled extensively in Argentina and throughout Patagonia prior to going all in on Big Sky Anglers.

We cover Brown Trout, Golden Durado, his almost professional soccer career and how he came to find himself owning a fly shop.  Lots of great tips to help you get down to Argentina on a budget.


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Show Notes With Justin Spence

02:57 – Matt Klara was on the show in episode 21 and is the person who connected me to Justin.

10:45 – The Dallas Burn and San Jose were two professional teams that were interested in Justin.  He decided to stay in fly fishing at a minimum wage job even though his family thought he was crazy.

11:50 – Charlie’s Sporting Goods was the first fly shop that Justin worked for in New Mexico.

12:45 – Taylor Streit was a mentor for Justin in New Mexico and a person who explored and gave Justin his first guide job.

16:50 – Scott Mcgarva in Episode 17 talked about getting stuck in the fly shop.  Justin talks a little about that here.

21:20 – Argentine trout fishing book by Bill Leitch

27:10 – Fly Fishing Patagonia:  A trout bums guide to Argentina

35:40 – The Neuquen Province is one area where you can DIY your way in Argentina with lots of rivers where you can wade fish.

37:40 – Chernobyl pattern can be killer for imitating many of the terrestrials.


38:40 – Golden Dorado in Bolivia and Norther Argentina.  

51:10 – Norway is on Justin’s bucket list trips

53:20 – Chasing Rumor:  A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia

49:50 – The Norwegian fly club episode on anchored


You can reach Justin at Big Sky Anglers or on Instagram here.

Resources Noted in the Show

fly fishing patagonia

Fly Fishing Patagonia:  A trout bums guide to Argentina


argentine trout fishing

Argentine trout fishing book by Bill Leitch


chasing rumor

Chasing Rumor:  A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia




justin spence

Conclusion with Justin Spence

Justin talks about the biggest challenges to DIY’ing your way in Argentina and some of the tips he shares.  Getting around is probably the hardest part of doing it yourself.  He shares some great areas to hit up and why you can still get to many areas.

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