In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Shemchuk, the host of the Wade Out There podcast. Jason’s story is an inspiring one, as he has led a life full of adventure and exploration. From being an Air Force fighter pilot to starting his own podcast and painting, Jason has always been driven to pursue his passions and live life to the fullest.

During our conversation, we delved into why Jason started his podcast and how his experiences in the Air Force have shaped his outlook on life. We also discovered some surprising similarities between our own journey and Jason’s. If you’re looking for an inspiring story that will leave you feeling motivated to chase your own dreams, be sure to tune in to our latest podcast episode with Jason Shemchuk!

Wade Out There with Jason Shemchuk. Hit play below!

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wade out there

Wade Out There Show Notes with Jason Shemchuk

3:11 – Jason shares how and why he started his blog and the WadeOutThere Fly Fishing Podcast after he stopped flying for the Air Force. He joined the Air Force when he was 18.

4:45 – After leaving the Air Force, he also started painting again and selling his art online.

wade out there
Resting Brownie – Original Watercolor (Photo via:

7:22 – He has been running his podcast for over two years now. Talking with guests in his podcast helped him progress in his fly fishing journey.

9:31 – I ask him about his journey working in the Air Force flying A-10s for 14 years. His interest in flying airplanes started when he was a kid.

wade out there
“An A-10 over central Germany in February 2000.” (Photo via:

14:36 – He breaks down the build and purpose of the A-10s.

16:45 – I mention our 400th episode with Beau Beasley and his book on Project Healing Waters to be released soon.

18:06 – Jason gives his take on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans. He believes that being part of a community regardless if it’s related to fly fishing or not is important and helpful.

24:28 – He now flies commercially while working on his podcast and art.


25:18 – He and his family moved to Utah from Kansas City, Missouri about a year and a half ago.

29:50 – I mention the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield which we both love and ask him to choose one to go pro fully among art, podcast, and writing.

wade out there
Photo via:

31:43 – He talks about his journey in the Air Force and painting and the value of hard work and struggles.

37:00 – We mention other novels by Steven Pressfield such as Gates of Fire and The Legend of Bagger Vance.

wade out there
Photo via:

38:00 – He talks about fly fishing in the rivers in Utah. He lives near the Weber River.

wade out there
Photo via:

40:00 – I ask him about his fly fishing style.

41:33 – His go-to local fly shop is Angler’s Den in Roy, Utah and Fish Heads Fly Shop in Heber City, Utah.

42:43 – Jason describes his art. He’s a watercolor artist and will be switching to oils soon. His latest series is the Trout Expression which is 18×24 in size.

wade out there
Brown Trout Expression (Photo via:

47:48 – He shares what he learned from A.D. Maddox whom he considers his art mentor. A.D. is a fly fishing artist who uses oil as a medium. She guested in Jason’s podcast in episode 30.

50:54 – He talks about his aspirations and plans for the Wade Out There podcast.

54:00 – He mentions our interview with Domenick Swentosky in episode 305. He influenced Jason with the blog he was writing.

55:12 – We do the two-minute drill. I first ask him about his go-to rod in terms of weight and length.

58:20 – He shares the next fly fishing big trip he will be going on.

59:50 – I mention our episode with Wade Fellin about the Big Hole Lodge.

1:00:08 – He talks a bit about the last time he went fly fishing in Montana.

1:00:02 – He tells his go-to fly which is the orange scud.

wade out there
Photo via:

1:03:25 – He gives advice to those who are thinking about starting a podcast.

1:04:20 – He mentions Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income Podcast who was very helpful for him in starting his podcast. He was also my first mentor when I started.

1:05:22 – He tells about the warthog.

You can find Jason on Instagram @WadeOutThereFlyGuy

Facebook at WadeOutThere

Visit his website at

wade out there

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

wade out there

Wade Out There Conclusion with Jason Shemchuk

Our conversation with Jason was a fascinating exploration of his life story and the inspiration behind his podcast. As a former Air Force fighter pilot, Jason’s experiences shaped his perspective on life and given him a unique appreciation for the beauty of life’s struggles.

We were honored to have the opportunity to connect with Jason and discover the many things we have in common. We look forward to seeing where his journey takes him next, as he transitions to oil painting and continues to share his love of the outdoors with the world.