Domenick Swentosky, the headman at Troutbitten, is back on the podcast for the second time. He walks us into winter fishing and as we transition into spring. Dom talks about his newfound passion for podcasting, getting more creative each day. Dom shares some great tips on casting, fishing a mono rig, and streamers. We dig into his favorite flies, his setup, and how this Harvey leader is different from other leaders out there.

Find out the best times to fish Pennsylvania waters – the exact season when the browns spawn and the hatch starts. Dom also teaches us how to handle fish in a way that doesn’t hurt them and how we should release them.


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Winter Fishing for Trout Show Notes with Domenick Swentosky

02:44 – Domenick Was on the podcast for the first time back in 2020 at WFS 140

03:18 – Troutbitten sold 700 leaders in 9 days

03:38 – There are 800 articles on the Troutbitten website now

04:17 – Last year (2021), Dom started the Troutbitten podcast

05:53 – Troutbitten’s most downloaded episode is their EP 14 of the 1st season – click here to listen to that episode

12:28 – Spring fishing in Central PA starts when the suckers spawn


14:46 – The Blue-winged Olives hatch starts early March in Central PA – this is Dom’s favorite hatch

16:31 – Dom uses 18s klinkhammer hooks and a Puffy or a P-Diddy fly pattern

winter fishing for trout
Photo courtesy of Tightlline Productions

21:28 – Dom talks about the Harvey dry fly leader and how it’s different from the others

winter fishing for trout

23:26 – Harry Murray was on the podcast at WFS 290

28:41 – Dom talks about the terms mono, euro, and tightline

38:41 – The Pulley Retrieve explained (scroll down to see how it works)

43:52 – The best time to fish streamers is the fall season

45:55 – Browns and wild browns typically spawn in the second week of November, depending on water levels

59:47 – Troutbitten has a Streamer Presentation series

1:07:48 – Dom shares his best tip for casting

1:13:55 – Dom shares some tips on how to handle and release fish


You can find Domenick on Instagram @troutbitten

Visit Troutbitten.Com to check out Dom’s podcast and his blogs


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Winter Fishing for Trout Conclusion with Domenick Swentosky

Domenick and I talked about winter fishing and a bit of spring fishing too. Dom talked about his new podcast on Troutbitten. He shared some tips on casting, fishing a mono rig, and streamers. He also explained how the Pulley Retrieve works and how we can actually apply them. We found out the best times to fish PA waters – when the browns spawn and the hatch starts. Dom also taught us how to handle fish and how we should release them.