Beau Beasley is here to take us into the mid-Atlantic Region. We find out what makes a good fly shop and why some fly shops go out of business.

We also talk about what they have going at Project Healing Waters and the new book that he’s working on which has 40 powerful stories from veterans with traumatic pasts. This episode is dedicated to the veterans who had to live with their trauma and those who laid their lives to serve our beloved country.

Project Healing Waters with Beau Beasley. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Beau Beasley

04:00 – Beau was a retired Fairfax firefighter and paramedic.

07:45 – We had Chuck Furimsky on the podcast in episode 292

11:45 – Lefty Kreh once said to Beau, “There are 2 kinds of people in fly fishing. The kind of people that show their knowledge with everybody and the ones that share their knowledge.”

19:19 – The very first time that Beau entered a fly shop, he got treated very poorly when he came in with a spinning rod. That fly shop is not around anymore.

29:23 – Beau tells the story of when he was in a fly shop and mistakenly thought that LT Cahill stands for Lieutenant Cahill. He got corrected by not feeling like an idiot.

33:33 – Rick Pope was on the podcast in episode 158.

34:13 – Tom Rosenbauer is one of the best-known fly anglers in the country.


38:15 – Beau is offering something that hasn’t been offered before. They’ve partnered with the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. And they’re hosting the first-ever Beyond the Cast Women’s Symposium.

43:15 – His first fly fishing book is called, Fly Fishing Virginia: A No Nonsense Guide to Top Waters.


48:05 – Beau talks about being involved with Project Healing Waters for 15 years.

51:30 – His new book will be titled, Healing Waters: Veteran Stories of Recovery in their Own Words. This book is expected to be out in March 2023.

53:00 – We had Joe Jackson on the podcast in episode 384 who told the story of recovering from a heart attack.

1:09:15 – Beau’s new book is dedicated to Brian Mancini, who lost his life as a result of his service and the post-traumatic stress disorder that he experienced.

1:37:00 – Visit

You can find Beau on Instagram @beasley_beau

Check out his website at


Learn more about Project Healing Waters


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