Join me and Topher on an exciting adventure into the world of Atlantic salmon fishing! He takes us to stunning rivers in Quebec and famous spots like Norway, where these magnificent fish are waiting to be caught. Topher will spill all the details about his epic fishing trips, like the time he reeled in a whopping 45 salmon in just one week! He’s always up for a challenge and loves finding fish that give him a real fight.

Learn all about what affects salmon behavior, like temperature and water levels, and discover the secrets to picking the perfect fly. Topher’s got some awesome favorites, like the fancy Picasse pattern. He’ll also spill the beans on gear and techniques that work best. If you’ve ever wondered about Atlantic salmon fishing, Topher’s got all the answers to the burning questions. Get ready for thrilling tales of success and learn about the important conservation efforts in the mix. Get hooked on the enchanting world of Atlantic salmon fishing in this super exciting episode!

Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon with Topher Browne. Hit play below!

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fly fishing for atlantic salmon

Show Notes with Topher Browne on Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

05:30 – Quebec has one of the best pay-to-play access to fish Atlantic salmon. In Nova Scotia, you have to get a salmon license for about 125 CAD to fish any rivers there the whole season.

08:30 – The Kola Peninsula in Russia is a great destination for Atlantic salmon but unfortunately, it’s now closed because of the recent war. Topher noted that Norway and Quebec are his two favorites for Atlantic salmon fishing.

17:10 – Topher’s best week for fishing Atlantic salmon is when he caught 45 of them.

fly fishing for atlantic salmon

18:10 – Topher is looking for fish that will kick his ass.

23:05 – Temperature affects the Atlantic salmon numbers and activity but it has more to do with water levels.

26:30 – Topher talks about the book, Greased Line Fishing.

fly fishing for atlantic salmon


32:20 – Topher wrote a book for Wild River Press called, Atlantic Salmon Magic which took 2nd place in the National Book Awards.

fly fishing for atlantic salmon

43:20 – Bigger flies (4 to 5 inches long) work better if the river is big and muddy so that the fish can see it. If the water is clear, you can use smaller flies.

46:25 – Topher’s favorite fly is the Picasse fly pattern which is a French-Canadian fly.

fly fishing for atlantic salmon
Photo by

50:30 – Topher teaches Spey casting lessons with Rick Kustich and a few other Spey anglers.

53:50 – In a good season, the average weight of Atlantic salmon they catch is around 12 to 14 pounds.

56:00 – We’ve had Rick Kustich on the podcast at WFS 277 where we dug into advanced tactics for steelhead fishing.

59:00 – Topher talks about Spey Nation. Check out the events schedule here.

1:02:00 – The frequently asked questions about Atlantic salmon fishing are:

  1. What should I get for gear?
  • Topher recommends a 14-foot, 8 or 9-wt rod if you are to bring just one rod. Then use a floating line. He breaks down the other options.

2. How do I set a hook on a wet fly? If that fly is coming across, what do I do?

  • Answer: You really don’t want to do very much. Topher explains why.

1:11:45 – Travis Johnson recently won Spey-O-Rama at the Golden Gate.

Photo by All Water Angling

1:17:15 – Topher got featured on, authored by Monte Burke. Read that article here. Topher recommends getting Monte on the podcast.

1:19:40 – We talk about Long Rod Resurgence.

1:25:55 – We noted Whitney Gould, who’s the best fly caster in North America between single-handed and two-handed. She’s won Spey-O-Rama 8 times. She also won the US National Casting Tournament.

Louis Cahill Photography

1:29:50 – Topher noted the conservation group, Atlantic Salmon Federation based in New Brunswick Canada. He serves on their National Counsel. He also noted the North Atlantic Salmon Fund in Iceland. Lastly, he noted the Atlantic Salmon Trust in UK.

You can find Topher on Instagram @brownetopher

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Conclusion with Topher Browne – Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

In conclusion, Topher’s adventure into the fascinating world of Atlantic salmon fishing takes us on an amazing journey full of excitement and awe. From the stunning rivers of Quebec to famous spots like Norway, Topher’s escapades give us a glimpse into the incredible realm of these fish. Throughout his thrilling fishing trips, Topher’s determination and skill shine through as he tells us about landing an impressive 45 salmon in just one week. His thirst for challenges drives him to seek out the toughest fish, creating unforgettable moments of triumph and excitement.

But it’s not just about the thrill of the catch. Topher also explores the interesting factors that affect salmon behavior, like temperature and water levels. He reveals the secrets to choosing the perfect fly including his favorites. With his knowledge on gear and techniques, Topher becomes a trusted source for anyone curious about Atlantic salmon fishing.

Overall, this incredibly exciting journey immerses us in the enchanting world of Atlantic salmon fishing, leaving us captivated by its wonders. Topher’s journey inspires us to explore the beauty of nature, push our boundaries, and contribute to the preservation of these magnificent fish.